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Industry standard software; many parallels with Avid Pro Tools

Wave form editing

Manipulating audio wave forms by cutting and pasting sections and/or applying filters and effects

multi-track editing

combining multiple wave forms into multi- track compositions

basic waveform editing

removing sections, artefacts;

extend or shorten a musical backing track;

add new sounds

Zero Crossings

if you delete a section where there is a non-zero crossing there will be audible clicking


adjusting different frequencies to exacerbate sounds

graphic equaliser

boost or attenuate frequency bands in a track

graphics eq ad/disad

ad: simple to use

disadvantage: lacks precise control


allows you to boost/attenuate specific parts of the signal, using bands/stages


Gain (amplitude)

Frequency (centre frequency)

Bandwidth (Q)


involves changing amplitude of certain frequencies, often results in change in amplitude

remember to adjust gain where you have applied EQ effects

Audio Restoration

Removing imperfections in recordings;

background noise,

pops and crackles,

hisses and mains hum

Constant background noise

can be removed by identifying said background frequencies and attenuating them

Noise Reduction tool

sample region that should be silent;

remove frequencies from said sample

One-off Artifacts

these can be identified and deleted from the spectogram

Multi-track editing

combining multiple sounds together into a composition

Frequency masking

instruments often mask each other if their in same frequency rang


Pan each to different speakers;

Use eq to mix to decide which sounds occupy which frequencies