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(1800-1914) the domination by one country of the politial, economic, and social life of another country/religion
New Imperialism
For $ and for Country/Nationalism
Old Imperialism
3 G's: Glory, Gold, God
Examples of Old Imperialism
Age of Discovery
Napoleon in Egypt
Rome over Carthage
Alexander the Great in India
Geghis Khan in China
"White Man's Burden"
the white people's belief that they need to help the "inferior races" because they were lucky to be born white and privelaged
Why New Imperialism?
~Economy (nat. resources coal, diamonds, petroluem, palm oil, rubber)

~Military or Politics (Naval bases and Nat'l security)

~Humanitarianism/Religion (doctors, missionaries, etc. want to spread the wealth b/c of White Man's Burden)

~Social Darwinism (survival of the fittest in society - why cultures die out)
Vladimir Lenin
wrote "Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism" (cap. is evil)
~was communist
"Dark Continent"
"Dark Continent" b/c unknown
~easy to take over /c there are 100's of diff languages, gov'ts, and cultures and they aren't unified
Alexandrine Tinne
Dutch --> sent to explore and killed by Tauregs
David Livingstone
Scottish --> went 1st to help people and returned home then went back as an explorer

Discovers Zambezi River (1851)
Discovers Lake Bangweulu
Discovers Victoria Falls
David Livingstone Wrote _______________
"The Zambezi and Its Tributes" (1865)
Henry M. Stanley
British American --> Commisioned by NY Times to find Livingstone
~"Dr. Livingstone I Presume"
How I Found Livingstone
Through the Dark Continent
use of own gov't and culture of country in another territory
2 types of colonies
-direct rule (paternalism)
-indirect rule
indirect rule
(British) change some things, but still are in charge
direct rule/paternalism
(French) change everything
country that rules a colony
Shpere of Influence
protectorates change culture and people
King Leopold II
Belgium --> starts division of Africa by:
~hires Stanley to explore Congo River Basin
~forms trade treaties w/ African leaders and tells them he'll gelp them
Berlin Conference
(1884) all European countries invited to avoid fighting and they establish rules fot the taking of Africa
Rules for taking Africa
1. Recognize Belgian claims and they get free trade on the Congo River
2. Muast have gov't official on site to claim
3. Must then send own officials to make sure they don't get out of hand with claiming the land
How long did it take for boundaries to be established?
20 years
only country not taken
Emperor Menelik II
Ethiopia --> reforms: *builds roads and bridges
*opens western schools
*imports weapons
Italy invades Ethiopia
1896 --> Itialian army crushed
duth farmer
Boer War
(1899-1902) British vs. Duth in Cape Colony over gold and silver

Britain wins
Union of South Africa
1910 --> former Boer Republics unite in Cape Colony
Muhammad Ali (background)
"Father of Modern Egypt" 1767-1849 (95 kids)
-was a Turkish soldier who defeated Napoleon
-conquered Arabia, Syrica, Sudan
-Appointed Egypt's Pasha (gov.)
-massacred the Mameluke Aristocracy in 1811(dominated Egypt since 1250)
Muhammad Ali (legacy)
-built up military & westernized Egypt(irrigation, advisors, education, government, innovated cotton as big income)
-1830 when egypt most powerful --> takes Ottoman land in Arabia
Suez Canal
joins Africa (med. sea) and Asia (indian ocean) 105 miles long and about as wide as ct.
-takes 42% away from trip
-accounts for 75% of cargo coming out of the middle east

Suez Canal (history)
-1799. napoleon hires peeps to survey -- impossible
-1854. Lesseps(fr.) start the canal and French pays 1/2
-total cost double estimate of 41,860,000
-1875 egypt cant pay and brit takes over and gives it back in 1957
Ferdinand de Lesseps
French - builds Suez Canal
Britain wants to control Nile completely:
-est. RR from Cape to Cairo
-Sudan resists for 16 yrs
-1885 sudanese army massacr brit at Khartoum (capital city)
-1898 Brit/Egypt take over
-French was to est. a belt and reach Sudan at same time

BRINK OF WAR --> Fashoda Incident
Fashoda Incident
Britain and France resolve diplomatically:
-France withdraws and gets water shed between Congo River and Nile River
Vasco de Gama
(portugese) 1498 discovers Idia
control India
2 major religions of India

-chaste system (triangle. preists, warriors, merchants, servants)
-karma - w/ comes around goes around
-dharma - fulfilling your life
muslims - Muhammad sent by Allah Jihad
5 pillars of Islam
1. One God --> Allah
2. Pray 5x a day (mecca
3. Pilgrimage to Mecca
4. Alms to the poor
5. Fast during Ramadan
British East Indian Co.
company owned $$$$
2nd 100 years war
France vs. Britain
Robert Clive
2nd 100 years war hero
Warren Hastings
1779 - 1st person in charge:
1. ended slavery
2. ended chaste system
3. gives women rights

Indian soldier loyal to Britain
-traveled over seas
-women were allowed to remarry
-ammo cartridges become big
Britain takes over India in ____
Niccoo + Maffeo Polo
1st euro. peeps in china

their route = silk road
only port open to foiengners in china
balance of trade
export more than import
trade deficit
import more than export
Brits require change in china in _____
Opium war
1839 Br. vs. Chinese
Treaty of Nanjing
1. Britain gets indemnity
2. open 5 ports
3. extraterritoriality
4. Britain gets same rights as any other country
tar rolled into balls
Taiping Rebellion
-20-30 mil. die (worst in history)
*chinese win*
Hong Xiuquan
former teacher - thinks he's Jesus - leads Taiping Rebellion
upholds Confucius - japan is modernizing and Chinese want reforms --> Japan wins (1868) --> open door policy
Guang Xu
leads 100 days of refor (to modernize) and puts CiXi in prison
Boxer Rebellion
1899 (martial arts - west wins
Red Lanterns
group of women
Sun Yixan
1911 makes China a Republic