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What is the function of the resource protection officer?
Single point of contact for all warnings and advisories issued by the RPDO and NWS to the Fleet concentration areas.
What are the roles and responsibilities of the ADO as they pertain to each FWC?
The ADO is responsible for the administration and the operations of FWC, the watch routine and command personnel.
Describe Aviations primary customers, mission areas, and their locations.
Weather for 15 Naval Air Stations, and various installations in regions Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southeast and Naval District Washington D.C.
Explain how Aviation aligns with the CNMOC 2025 vision.
Discuss the primary mission of the ASW directorate.
Provide Anti-Submarine warfare commanders with environmental knowledge in oceano/meteo to help the warfighter.
What is the AOR of the ASW directorate?
Where are the two NAVOCEANASWCEN's(NOAC) located?
Yokosuka, Japan
Stennis Space Center, MS
Explain ASW's role within Tier 0 of BonD.
Launch and collect BT data
Explain how ASW aligns with the CNMOC 2025 vision.
Explain FLT OPS role within the METOC community.
Responsible for command and management of the Naval Oceanography Program, utilizing METOC to enable successful support at all levels of war - strategic, operational & tactical.
Explain FLT OPS role within Tier 1 of BonD.
Data from satellites, altimetry, gliders, buoys and other collection methods are incorporated to initialize computations and run models.
What primary equipment is used to collect and analyze METOC data within the FLT OPS directorate?
IR Gun
What forecasting models/tools are used to produce forecasts for your customers?
COAMPS, BALWIND, TAWS, AREPS, OPARS, Metcast, Meteograms, Satellite, WEBSAR, NRL dust models
Define NOGAPS.
Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System.
Global Spectral Model
0.5 degree resolution
Runs 4X's a day out to 180hrs
Coupled Ocean/Atmospheric Mesoscale Prediction System.
Regional Mesoscale Model
Higher than 2km resolution
Runs 4X's a day out 72hrs
Define WW3
Wave Watch III spectral ocean model.
Global and regional
driven by NOGAPS and COAMPS
Define Ensemble Forecast System (EFS)
Web graphical products include:
Gale winds probability
Precipitation probablility
Spaghetti plots
Plume plots
Ensemble mean temperature
500mb height and standard deviation
Define OPARS
Optimum Path Aircraft Routing System
Discuss the primary responsibilities of the ISR directorate.
develop strategies and plans to optimize sensor emplacement to efficiently exploit the environmental conditions.
Where are the ISR commands located?
Stennis Space Center, MS
Pearl Harbor, HI
Explain ISR's role within Tier 2 of BonD.
This is the "performance surface" derived from the modeled data from Tier 1 enabling impacts to sensors due to the environment.
Reconnaissance Exploitation Report. Provided within 45min of the completion of an ISR mission/operation.
Tactical Electronic Intelligence report used to provide indications and warnings, database maintenance and strike planning.
Explain Maritime's role within Tier 2 of BonD.
This is the "performance surface" derived from the modeled data from Tier 1 enabling impacts to available assets/equipment due to the environment.
Discuss the contents, frequency similarities and differences of the following products.
Tow/Salvage/Spec Ops WEAX
WEAX valid 48hrs, issued every 24hrs(standard wx perameters)
GWEAX same as WEAX with the addition of graphical images.
AVWEAX aviation in route weather forecast same as WEAX w/ aviation perameters.
Same as WEAX and issued every 12hrs.
Demonstrate the methods for locating a ships current position using the following
NOAA's Ship Tracker
Sail WX
MOVREP-Provided by the ship with specific lat/long.
GCCS- Global Command and Control System provides Common Operation Picture (COP).
C2PC- Different application that uses the COP type display.
NOAA's ship tracker is a website that shows all ships.
Sail WX is the same w/different website.
What is the North Wall Effect?
Rapidly increasing winds and seas in the northern most portion of the north flowing Gulf stream.
What is fog?
Condensed water vapor in the air at or near the surface limiting visibility.
What is Ice- Frozen water?
Rime, Clear & mixed.
What is the Tehantepec event?
Gap winds in the Gulf of Tehuantepec of 48kts or greater.
What are Santa Ana winds?
Strong, extremely dry offshore winds that characteristically sweep through SOCAL and norther Baja in late fall and winter.
What is the marine layer?
Air mass caused by a temperature inversion due to the cold water and a relatively warmer air mass.
What is MIW's mission with respect to Fleet Engagement and Tactical Support?
Give environmental factors and become indispensible partner to fleet MIW assets. Reduce mine hunting/clearance timelines.
What a water zone does the NOMWC's UUV platoon primarily operate in?
Shallow water zone (12-61m)
What do UUV's use to survey the ocean floor?
Side Scan Sonar
What does the acronym MILCON stand for?
Mine-line contact
What environmental data is collected with UUV's?
Water Temp
Bottom type
Discuss the NAVO CO's vision and through what methods does it com to fruition.
Assure the Navy's oceanographic superiority through 1. smart collection, 2. forecast analysis & 3. responsive delivery
Discuss the subordinate commands of NAVOCEANO and their locations.
Fleet Survey Team(FST) Stennis Space Center, MS does hydrographic and oceanographic survey for safety and navigation.
Naval Ice Center(NAVICECEN) in Washington, D.C. does global sea ice analysis for the Navy, Coast Guard and NOAA.
Discuss the characteristics and missions of the T-AGS 60 "Pathfinder" class ship.
6 Oceanographic Survey ships operated by Military Sealift Command.
Identify the major branch codes and departments with NAVOCEANO's production division.
Ocean prediction
Ocean projects
Ocean measurements
Mine warfare
Discuss the primary responsibilities of the FST.
Conduct navigation and expeditionary surveys in support of Combatant Commander requirements.
Discuss the three Oceanographic Hydrographic and Bathymetric(OHB) priorities.
Priority One- Mission Critical
Priority Two- Mission Essential
Priority Three- Mission Enhancing
Explain FST's role within Tier 2 of BonD.
To produce tidal data
What primary equipment is use to collect sounding data within the FST?
Multi-beam, side-beam, hand held fathometer, lead line
What charts do FST produce?
Smooth Sheet- Not for navigation.
Field Sheet- Working document.
Field Chart- useful for navigation. mercator.
What is the NIC's AOR?
Global as required.
What are the three agencies the comprise the NIC?
Navy, Coast Guard, NOAA
Define the following.
FRACTURE- any break or rupture in ice.
LEADS- Any non-linear opening in ice.
POLYNYAS- Any passageway through ice navigable by surface vessels.
What factors affect Sea Ice?
Land/Sea ratio
Ocean Currents