Shark Finning Arguments

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Shark finning has been a worldwide issue. Approximately 73 million sharks are killed each year solely for their fins. But this number does not include the number of sharks that are killed for reasons other than finning (Raloff). China and Hong Kong are the largest importers for shark fins due to China’s cultural tradition for Shark Fin Soup (“How Many Sharks Are Killed Each Year For Their Fins?”). Shark Fin Soup was introduced into Chinese cuisine during the Sung Dynasty (AD 960–1279) but did not become incorporated into the Chinese tradition until the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368–1644) (“The End of The Line?”). The soup was traditionally served at weddings and was a symbol of status. Today the soup is still served at Chinese weddings and large banquets …show more content…
Instead of engaging in actions that affect supply, we must focus on actions that will affect demand. It does not matter if there are thousands of strict laws banning shark finning – no matter what, there would always be a demand for the shark fin from China. Elimination of such cultural traditions from a country such as China would be overwhelmingly difficult, but it could be done. I could start an organization that gathers together the most popular celebrities, singers, actors, etc. of China that are against shark finning. Many people tend to want to think, act, or possess some of the same beliefs that their favorite celebrities or singers have. Creating an organization like this would have a significant impact on the general population of China; the influence of these celebrities could drastically decrease consumer demand and soon lead to the bane of the unnecessary cultural tradition. After building up such an organization, the next step would be a petition to the government to ban shark fins in the state of China. But first on a smaller, more local scale, the easiest way to start would be to inform my family, friends, peers, etc. about the horrors of shark finning. Florida does not have a ban on …show more content…
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