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Which profiles characterize the population group that is most likely to migrate?

B. Single, 25 years old

Production of agricultural products destined for direct consumption by the producer rather than for market is called

C. Subsistence agriculture

Map represents what kind of projection?

A. Mercator with distorted land areas

Dramatic increases in global grain production since 1950 have been made possible by

E. increase in the use of energy and technology

In the US, the largest concentration of Amish are found in

D. Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana

In which of the following areas was wheat most probably domesticated earliest?

E. Southeastern Turkey

The literacy test of any country correlates most closely with what?

A. Per capita income

In early 21st century, the largest number of refugees is located on what continent?

A. Africa

Traditionally, the Ganges Valley and Nile Valley have had comparatively high population densities because of their...

D. Intensive agriculture based on irrigation

All 20th century migration streams were propelled by persecution or open conflict except...

E. Mexicans leaving Mexico

If 4 languages gave similar words fro numbers and the names of fish but different names of a certain disease, what might be concluded about the time at which the disease first diffused?

B. Population divided and evolved into 4 different languages and then the disease spread

Which country consumes the most fossil fuels?


Which characteristic is currently shared by Switzerland, Canada, and New Zealand?

A. Low population growth rates

Why are most South American population centers located at or near the coast?

A. Colonial economies were export-oriented

Which is true of popular culture?

C. It incorporates traits that diffuse quickly to wide variety of places

Which correctly lists the usual hierarchy of political-administrative units in order from largest to smaller?

C. Empire, nation-state, province, county

International company headquarters, significant financial functions, and a polarized social structure are defining characteristics of...

D. World cities

Which respect to NAFTA between the US, Canada, and Mexico, which of the following statements is not true?
B. It outlines an eventual supranational governing body for North America

Quaternary economic activities are those that...

C. Involve the collection, processing, and manipulation of information

Indonesia is an example of which type of state?

D. Fragmented

The term Balkanization refers to the...

A. fragmentation of a region into smaller units

The shape of North Carolina's 12th Congressional District is most likely the result of...

B. Gerrymandering

Which industry will most likely locate closest to its raw material sources?

C. Nickel Smelting

Prior to 1850 the location of all major North American cities was related chiefly to the presence of...

D. navigable waterways

According to the theory of environmental determinism, which area would have the most productive settlements?

B. Temperate regions

The alignment of ancient China cities toward the cardinal directions best illustrates the importance of which factor in the shaping of these early cities?

A. Belief Systems

Which statements best describes the impact of improvements in transportation systems on agriculture?

C. Corporate farms have gained a greater advantage over family farms

On the map, which letter represents the region of the greatest proportion of the Canadian population?

E. E

The European Union, Arab League, and United Nations are examples of...

D. supranational organizations

Rationalization is to geography as

D. periodization is to history

Cultural landscape can be defined as...

C. The forms superimposed on the physical environment by the activities of humans

One would expect to find a population with relatively young age structure in...

A. less developed countries

During the first half of the 20th century, which of the following facilitated the transportation of beef over long distances to global markets?

C. Refrigerated Ships

In which country is terracing least likely to be used by farming groups to create additional space and minimize erosion on steep slopes?

D. Niger

All of the following have helped create ghettos in North American cities except...

E. Economic Enterprise Zones

The world's three major monotheistic religions originated in which region?

B. Southeast Asia

An urban center that is disproportionately larger than the second largest city in a country and that dominates the country's social, political, and economic activities can be classifies as..

C. Primate city

A country in which the majority of the population are Shiite Muslim is...

A. Iran

Which mode of transportation is characterized by low-terminal cost, high line cost, and high route flexibility?

A. Truck

A clustering of doctor's offices and pharmacies near hospitals is best explained by the benefits of...

B. agglomeration

Agriculture practiced in California differs from forms practiced in other Mediterranean agricultural regions because in California...

B. farms use more irrigation

Which has fostered the most significant economic growth by eliminating important tariffs between member states?

A. European Union

Which is useful for describing a settlement node whose primary function is to provide support for the population in its hinterland?

E. Christaller's model of central place

Which environmental problem is most associated with the African Sahel?

A. Desertification

During the 19th century and 20th century, which type of intraregional migration was most prominent worldwide?

A. Rural to Urban

The Internet is reshaping traditional economic arrangements by...

B. Expanding the importance of express package delivery systems

In terms of total tonnage, which is currently the leading export crop in the world?

C. Wheat

In the century after the arrival of Europeans, which change occurred to the indigenous population of the Americans?

D. It decreased dramatically with the introduction of new diseases

Which is most characteristic of societies currently in the last stage of demographic transition?

D. Aging Population

Which most closely describes the leading trend in the US during the 1950s, 70s, and 90s?

A. 1950s: Downtown business districts; 1970s: Shopping mall; 1990s: "Big box" superstore

Land parcels in the American Midwest tend to be rectilinear because...

A. The federal survey system adopted in late 18th century imposed a geometric pattern on the landscape

Which environmental issue is of most immediate concern to policy-markers in New England?

A. Overharvesting of breeding stock by commercial fishers

The popularity of which is an example of the trend toward ecotourism?

C. National parks in Costa Rica

The early stages of the core periphery model describes the...

E. relationship of power and the transfer of resources from less developed to more developed areas

Which term refers to an area of instability located between regions with opposing political and cultural values?

C. Shattered Belt

Violent confrontations in Ambon, Aceh, and East Timber illustrate the problem of holding together the physically and culturally diverse country of...

B. Indonesia

Isolated farmsteads in the US evolved as a result of all the following except...

E. physical barriers preventing communal farm practices

Which was not a reason for rapid suburbanization in the US after WWII?

B. Reduction in long-distance commuting

Which is an example of an ethnic religion?

D. Judaism

According to the rank-size rule, if the largest city in a county had a population of 10 million, the next largest city will have a population of...

D. 5 million

Which country didn't have a significant, long-lasting colonial presence in Africa after 1920?

A. Germany

Von Thunen emphasized which factor in his model of agricultural land use?

B. Transportation cost

The provisions of the UN Conference on the Law of the Sea give coastal countries navigational and economic sovereignty over which zones?

A. Twelve-nautical-mile territorial sea zone

The Maquiladoras of northern Mexico are

A. manufacturing outsourcing plants

Which is a characteristic of shifting cultivation?

E. Multicropping

The "Four Economic Tigers" of East and Southeast Asia include...

B. Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan

The term "cultural diffusion" refers to the

C. spread of an idea or innovation from its source

Which is the best example of a footloose industry?

D. Computer Chip

Why is the traditional classification of agriculture as a primary economic activity a problem when considering the geography of agriculture?

A. Modern farmers are engaged in production, research, marketing, and some manufacturing of their products

Which area has the greatest linguistic fragmentation?

C. Caucasus

Rostow's modernization model is concerned with which concept?

D. Economic development

According to the sector model of North American city structure, members of low-income groups tend to live in which place?

C. Linear residential areas radiating from the center city outward

Which country has the fewest people per unit of arable land?

C. Argentina

The Canadian government created the new territory of Nunavut in order to...

B. recognize the territorial rights of indigenous people in the area