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What were the first questions?

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

Why humanities?

Provides a toolkit for the well-formed life

-Body, mind, and spirit

-The world does not recognize Biblical tools

Everything we love about Western Civ is the result of


What is the thesis of this course?

Worldviews make a difference

Barna Statistics

Indicate Christians are increasingly accepting values of secular world view

What does Michelangelo's caricature indicate?

Represents humanity's greater concern with modern technology/social life than with God; represents the ignorance of our society as changing worldviews take their place

2 different perspectives about purpose of education?

1) Education is how a healthy society turns its children into members of society

2) free humans from outmoded tradition

universe is to be used by man

selfish reasoning

What is a worldview?

a set of presuppositions we hold about the basic makeup of the world

What does worldview function as?

glasses/lenses through which we see and interpret; a mental map/navigational chart

What is the Christian worldview?

The world is real and knowable


does not revolve around me

God created the world within a...

moral order

Today in the west, it's _____ v. _____

Christianity v. Post-modernism

4 points of a secular worldview:

1) purpose of education is to create a new man & eliminate traditions of the past

2) no such thing as truth and gender; make your own reality

3) ultimate relativism: all ideas are valid

4) you can be a GOD!

Ideas have ______.


What was the point of clip from Chariot's of fire?

Values being kept back then (Liddel not running on Sabbath)

List of good that came from enlightenment:

GOOD: science, medicine, literacy, inventions, exploration

List of bad from enlightenment:

BAD: rejection of Christianity, bloody revolutions, New Dark Ages, Change of worldview

Who were the 3 philosophes?



David Hume

What year did the French revolution begin?


Causes of the French revolution?

financial crisis

food shortage

speculation of hoarding

subversion of existing order

(antimonarchy, antichurch)

Revolution of the ______, not the poor!


Three estates:

1) the clergy

2) the Nobility

3) all others (merchants and professionals)

Bastille day? What happened?

A national French holiday (July 15, 1789)

The national guard took over the bastille

What did Lafayette have to do with Bastille day?

Lafayette was the leader of the invasion/liberal aristocrat

Some acts of the 1st revolution were ________ the church.


List 3 acts of revolution against the church:

1) divorce was allowed

2) church schools shut down

3) state took over all church property

Year that France became a Monarchy

1791 (Goal of the revolutionaries)

What was the goal of the revolutionaries?

For France to become a monarchy

What was the slogan of the revolutionaries?

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite

Radicals wanted a ________.


Who was Robespierre?

Dominant figure of revolutionaries

supported by sans culottes

called for assault on all enemies of revolution

headed Committee of Public Safety

Who were the Jacobins?

leading club of radical philosophes and liberal aristocrats

Hated the monarchy and wanted a republicwere not satisfied with achievements of previous 3 years

Who were the sans-culottes?

Mobs of paris: composed of the poor who refused to wear upperclass breeches. These were manipulated by Jacobins in order to gain power

When was the monarchy abolished?


Republic of Virtue

"the sacrifice of oneself and one's interests for the good of the republic would replace selfish aristocratic and monarchial corruption

-renaming streets

-absence of powdered wigs

Committee of Public Safety

Carried out executive duties of Govt

Saw their task as saving revolution from mortal enemies at home and abroad

Murder in the name of public safety

25,000-100,000 deaths

What happened in 1793-1794

The Reign of Terror

Enemies of revolution were arrested and executed

Robespierre and ____ of his cohort were led to a ______.

80, guillotine

Why did lofty ideas of revolutionaries fail?

there was no organic tradition of democracy in France

American rev


Thermidorian reaction

reaction to extreme excess of reign of terror (destruction of its machinery/establishment of new constitutional regime)

The Directory

5 men elected from legislature to execute laws

What eventually happened to Jacobins and Sans Culottes?

Banned from every day life

What was included in the new constitution?

-rejection of absolute monarchy and democracy

-2 branches instead of one (legislative)

-a new executive body (THE DIRECTORY)

Who was the Great Hero of the revolutionary army?

Napoleon Bonaparte

1797 coup d'etat

the directory staged this

1799 coup d'etat

established napoleon as First Consul

The French electorate....

ratified Napoleon's constitution

Napoleon was declared as _______ in 1804

Emperor of French

Govt of 1

Govt of FEW

Govt of MANY



Polity or Republic/Democracy

Main contributions of Napoleon:

1) 3rd estate members and peasants had achieved their goals so the consulate was supported

2) Made peace with Catholic church

3) Napoleonic code: codified French law

4) supported property rights, Habeas corpus, trial by jury, freedom of speech and press

What 2 destructive forces did Nap. open the door to?

Total War


Per aristotle, what's the worst form of government? Why?


51% can tyrannize the 49%