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When does Hitler become a German citizen, allowing him to stand in the Presidential election?


When does Hitler become chancellor of coalition government?

January 1933

When is the German Reichstag destroyed by fire and who do the Nazis blame?

February 1933, communists

When was the Enabling Act? What does this do?

March 1933, Hitler becomes virtually dictator

In March 1933 what does Hitler do to the political opposition?

Nazi Party is only political party allowed in Germany, all other parties and trade unions disbanded

When is the Communist Party banned in Germany?

April 1933

When are Socialists, Trade Unions and strikes banned?

May 1933

When does Hitler begin to oppose the League of Nations, starting by withdrawing as a member?

October 1933

What are Hitlers first actions against the League of Nations and the ToV?

Increases size of German army and ignores arms restrictions

When was the Night of the Long Knives? What happened?

June 1934, Hitler crushes all opposition within his own party, eliminates all rivals

When does President Hindenburg die and Hitler come into power completely?

July 1934

What is Hitler's main goals in 1935?

To re-arm Germany and undo the ToV by uniting all German people. Military conscription is introduced to aid this.

What happens in March 1938?

The German army is invited by the Austrian chancellor (and leader of the Austrian Nazi Party) to occupy Austria and proclaim union with Germany.

When was the Munich Agreement and what is it?

September 1938, Britain, France and Italy sign the agreement giving Sudetenland to Germany

When was the Nazi Party re-founded by Hitler?