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Propaganda methods

1 Newspapers

2 Posters

3 Radio

4 News films in the cinemas

Said what Germans wanted to hear.

Reasons for Nazis election success

1 The effect of the Recession

2 Hitler's appeal and his promises

3 Fear of Communism

4 The role of the SA

5 The use of propaganda

What was the SA?

1 The Nazi's private army

2 Many were undisciplined hooligans

3 2.5mil by 1934

4 Controlled the streets

5 Promoted Nazis' activities

6 Prevented their opponents' activities

Political Scheming

1 Jan 1933 Hindenburg and Papen offers Hitler vice-chancellorship for Nazi support

2 Hitler demanded Chancellorship

3 They agreed wrongly thinking they could control him

What did Nazi Party stand for in the 1920s?

1 National socialism - extreme nationalists, wanted racial purity and state control of economy

2 Abolition of TofV - Hitler promised its abolishment

3 Racism - Aryan superiority

How did Nazis tackle unemployment?

1. Encouraged women to leave workforce

2. Excluded the so-called 'undesirables'

3. Created government paid jobs

When was conscription reintroduced?

1935. Army from 100,000 (TofV) to 1mil.

What did the Reich Food Estate do?

Strictly regulated what farmers could produce.

Set uarenteed produce prices.

Unreliable as hens had to lay 65 eggs yearly.

What was 4 year plan?

Hitler appointed Göring as his second minister of economy, to bring about autarky in 4 years. (self-sufficiency so doesnt need imports from other countries).