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Where did Magellan Travel?
He wanted to sail around the world. His crew made it around the world but Magellan died in Asia.
Portugal, 1519
Colombus wanted to go where?
He wanted to find a direct route to India but instead found the carribean islands and later found America.
Spain, 1492
What years did Hudson try to find the NE passage to Asia?
He traveled in 1609 and 1610. He found the Hudson River(1609) and the Hudson Bay(1610).
In France, 1524 who set off to eventually find the New York Harbor?
Many people wanted to sail to Asia. But who found India in 1497?
Vasco Da Gama sailed to India for Portugal in 1497.
Who claimed Brazil first?
Portuguese explorer, Cabral in the 1500s.
Who first explored America's mainland?
Cabot from England in 1497.
One explorer was on a mission to find India and Christianize all the muslims but instead...
Dias sailed to the tip of Africa (Cape of Good Hope) and turned around. There was too many storms.(Cape of Storms)
Zheng He went on how many voyages from China beginning in 1405?
He went on 7 voyages collecting many goods, spices, money and became very wealthy?
What kind of sails allowed explorers to traveled against the wind?
The triangular sails.
Portugal helped develop many what along Africa's shores after who died?
Prince Henry & many trading posts.
The Treaty of Tordesillas is what kind of treaty?
It allowed Portugal and Spain to get along and not have any disagreements.
The Dutch India Trading Company did what?
The English and the Dutch battled for domination of trade with and around Asia. It became richer and more powerful than England's compnay and eventually was the only powerful trading company anywhere.
What were the main causes for exploration to begin and take place?
The 3 G's & T. God, Glory, Gold and Technology.
What technology helped exploration?
The stars, sails, boats and sextants.