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fighters who had hit and run tactics


communist guerrillas supported by North Vietnam


order of presidents in this chapter

kennedy johnson nixon ford

johnsons plan to improve the standard of living for every american

great society

financial support for seniors to pay for hospital bills
helped people of all ages with medical bills
poverty line
minimum income needed to live
Watergate Affair

five men broke into the democratic party headquarters in the watergate apartment

Bay of Pigs
south coast of cuba where 1200+ exiles came to invade the capital which failed and increased castros popularity
people who are forced to leave their own country

cuban missile crisis

ships sailed to cuba and turned back right before a war was started. a nuclear war could have started


an ease of tensions


Strategic Arms limitation talks; between US and Soviet Union to limit the amount of nuclear weapons

domino theory

the idea that if one country falls to communism others will follow

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

allows President to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack or to prevent further aggression

Khmer Rouge

communist place that won in cambodia in 1975


a nation with enough military, political, and economic power to influence events in other parts of the world

Berlin Wall

built to keep people from East Germany from West Germany

How many soldiers (US) died in Vietnam?

58,000 +

Vietnam invaded ___________ in 1979 and set up a new communist country


N. Vietnam captured ____________ in 1975

(South Vietnams capital)


Which president called for a draft

Lyndon Johnson

Which years did the war in Vietnam last


How much did the war cost

24 billion a year

Which president sent help to South Vietnam


Where was a US ship attacked in 1964

Gulf of Tonkin

Saigon was renamed ________ after the ruler of N. Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City

Cambodia was renamed _______________ after Khmer Rouge took over