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Spinning Jenny
Machine that could quickly spin many strands of cotton into thread.
Flying Shuttle
Enabled workers to weave strands of cotton into cloth much more rapidly.
Crop Rotation
Planting different crops in the same field.
Cottage Industry
Wool spun to make cloth at home.
Large centrally located buildings that housed larger weaving machines.
1833 Factory Act
Placed limits on child labor.
John Wesley
promoted the abolition of slavery.
William Lloyd Garrison
American abolitionist, editor for the liberator.
Richard Arkwright
Used patents to control the sales of inventions.
John Fowler
Used the steam tractor to plow fields and dig drainage channels.
James Hargreaves
Used and invented the Spinning Jenny
John Newton
A former slave-ship captain
John Kay
Invented the Flying Shuttle.
Cyrus McCormick
Invented the horse-drawn reaping machine which enabled farmers to cut wheat much more quickly.
Andrew Meikle
Invented the threshing machine which enabled a few men to seperate the wheat from the husks and stalks quickly.
Jethro Tull
Invented the Seed Drill which efficiently placed seeds in a row across a plot of land.
James Watt
Improved the Steam Engine which provided the necessary power to pull heavy loads in the form of tractors and locomotives.
Eli Whitney
Invented the Cotton Gin which enabled workers to process 50 pounds of cotton per day.
William Wilberforce
A member of parliament; his greatest achievement was leading the effort to abolish slavery in the British Empire.
Frederick Douglass
A former slave; he was a persuasive spokesman for abolition.
The 1st country to experience the Industrial Revolution and was the dominant nation in Europe after Napoleon's defeat.
The Society Of Friends