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All the muscles in the body
muscular system
The tube of neurons that runs up the spine
spinal cord
The control and communication system of the body
nervous system
The process of breaking down food into a form the body can use
The force of blood pushing against the walls of the blood vessels
blood pressure
The gland that helps digest fat and filters poisonous wastes
Groups of organs that work together to support a body function
body system
Group of organs that delivers oxygen to the body
respiratory system
Muscle that acts as the pump for the circulatory system
Cells that make up the nervous system
Each system depends on other systems to help it perform its job effectively because body systems are __________.
The brain and spinal cord are part of the _______ ______ _______.
Central nervous system
These do not grow back once they die.
Head and spinal cord injuries can be serious because of damage to ____________.
Name three types of blood vessels.
arteries, veins, and capillaries
These help destroy disease germs that enter the body.
White blood cells
The _______ divides into two branches called bronchi, which lead to the lungs
This covers the ends of bones and supports certain soft tissues.
To move body parts, muscles work in pairs by ________ one muscle and __________ the other muscle.
contracting and extending
This system gets rid of some of the body's wastes and balances the amount of water in the body.
excretory system
Digested food particles are absorbed into the blood from the ___________ _________.
small intestines
Name the three body systems that get rid of waste.
Respiratory System
Excretory System
Digestive System
Which body systems get rid of solid waste from foods?
digestive system and excretory system
Which body system gets rid of liquid waste?
excretory system
Which body system gets rid of carbon dioxide?
respiratory system