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a behavior that increases a person’s chances of a harmful outcome
Risk Behavior
protects a person from danger and lessens the effects of a harmful situation
Safe Behavior
catch fire and burn easily
Flammable Materials
provides information about what household substances are poisonous and knows what to do in the event of poisoning
Poison Control Center
when a person’s supply of air is cut off
death from direct contact with electricity
sudden, catastrophic events that affect many people
a powerful tropical storm characterized by heavy rains and winds over 74 mph
a rapidly rotating column of air whirling at speed of up to 500 mph
a heavy snowstorm with winds over 34 mph
a flood that occurs suddenly, without warning, after a heavy rainfall of snow melt
Flash Flood
a sudden shaking of the ground caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults or by volcanic activity
the U.S. government agency that identifies occupational hazards and sets standards for safety
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
any injury that results from a work accident of from exposure to a hazard in the work environment
Occupational Injury
any abnormal condition or disorder, excluding injuries, caused by exposure to the workplace environment
Occupational Illness
a lifesaving water safety technique that allows you to float and breathe without using much energy
Survival Floating
the overturning of a boat
an unlawful attempt or threat to harm someone
one person forces another to have sexual relations
agencies that provide counseling and support for rape victims
Rape Crisis Centers
someone who repeatedly calls, writes letters to, or otherwise harasses the victim and may threaten to kill or injure the person
groups who report suspicious activities to the police
Neighborhood Crime Watch
a nationwide program encouraging marking personal property
Operation Identification