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anyone who buys goods and services
Primary Care Physicians
the health-care professionals who take care of most people’s routine medical needs
medical doctor who has spent four years in a medical school and earned a medical degree
a branch of medicine that emphasizes the relationship of the body’s muscular and skeletal systems to general health
a physician’s opinion of the nature or cause of a medical condition
a written order from a physician or dentist to a pharmacist authorizing that patient be given a particular medicine
Medical Specialist
a physician who has received additional training in a particular branch of medicine and has passed a test that certifies him or her to practice in that specialty
a licensed health-care professional who works in collaboration with a physician to provide direct care to patients
Nurse Practitioner
trained to do many of the tasks that only physicians used to perform
Primary Health Care
routine health care provided in a physician’s office
a facility in which primary health care is provided by one or more physicians and other health-care workers
a person admitted to a clinic or hospital for tests or treatments that do not require an overnight stay
a facility that is equipped and staged to provide comprehensive health-care services, especially those requiring complicated or advanced procedures
a patient who is required to stay in a hospital for overnight care
Secondary Health Care
health care given to a patient in a hospital
General Hospital
treats patients of all ages and with all kinds of illnesses and injuries
Specialty Hospital
specializes in treating one age group or one type of disorder
Teaching Hospitals
located near medical schools where students are trained
Convalescent Home
provides care for people who are recovering from surgery, illness, or injury
Nursing Home
a facility that provides long-term care for elderly or chronically ill people who are incapable of caring for themselves
short-term facility for those who are terminally ill
Private Practice
working for him/herself
Group Practice
when several physicians in private practice have their offices together in the same building and work together
Medical History
a record of your present and past health as well as the health of members of your family
Physical Examination
a head-to-toe check of your body to identify any medical problems you may have
Second Opinion
a diagnosis and advice from another physician
an annual fee paid as insurance
fixed amount that is a portion of a person’s yearly medical expenses
the remaining amount patients must pay
Managed Care
an alternative to conventional health insurance in which each member chooses a primary-care physician from a group of physicians who participate in the plan
Health Maintenance Organization
a group of physicians and other health-care workers that provides complete medical services to members of the HMO
Preferred Provider Organization
insurance in which participating physicians and hospitals agree to charge reduced fees to plan members
the federally financed insurance program for elderly people
a state and federal program that pays for the health care of people whose incomes are below an established level
any substance used to treat a disease, disorder, or injury
Prescription Medicines
prescribed by a physician or dentist
Over the Counter Medicines
available without a prescription
Generic Name
a standard name under which medicine is sold
Side Effects
unpleasant responses of your body to the medicine
selling useless medical treatments or products