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What are some functions of communication?

1) Control

2) Motivation

3) Emotional expression (can be dangerous in the workplace)

4) Information

What are some barriers to effective communication?

1) Filtering

2) Selective perception

3) Emotions

4) Slang/Jargon

What are some ways that we communicate?

1) Writing

2) Talking

3) Listening

4) Non-verbals

What are the three V's of communication?

1) Verbal, what you say

2) Vocal, how you say

3) Visual, how you seem,appear

What is the most important V of the three V's of communication?

Visual, give importance to the visual self just as much as knowledge and experience

What is the basic communication model?

Speaker > Encoding > Message > Decoding > Listener

What are some difficult interactions with patients?

1) Angry patient

2) Non-compliant patient

3) The "Heart-sink" patient

What are some pros of heading into healthcare?

1) Excellent job opportunity forecast

2) Will be the leader in employment through 2018

3) Health care employs 10% of all American workers

4) Diverse employment opportunities and career advancement

In healthcare you will become multi-skilled, which means?

Cross-trained to perform more than one function, often in another discipline

Often times you will have transferable skills, how are they applicable?

Skills learned in one job are applicable in another.

What are some reasons working in healthcare should not be taken lightly?

1) It is a privilege

2) Opportunities to improve people's quality of life

3) Requires superb technical competence and people skills.

What is the difference between soft and hard skills?

Soft - reflects personality characteristics, people skills

Hard - technical skills that enable you to perform the duties of your job

What is important for healthcare workers to be up to date with?

Workers must be informed of where health care is headed and be well informed/prepared for the future.

Why has healthcare become so controversial?

Multitude of issues and concerns that are under debate.

Besides health, what other side of healthcare do practitioners need to understand?

The business side of it and where they fit in.

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Care - People 65 or over

Caid - Low income and people with certain disabilities

How much do rising costs effect healthcare?


What is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US?

Unpaid medical bills

What are some reasons to rising healthcare cost?

1) Salaries/benefits for healthcare workers

2) Medical research/devices/drugs

3) Tech/equipment/patient supplies

4) Building construction/maintenece

5) Training doctors and professionals

6) Government rules and regs

What are some ways used to fight rising costs?

1) Gatekeepers to monitor and control to access care

2) Encourage prevention to avoid medical conditions

3) Provide care in least expensive setting

4) Avoid unnecessary and duplicate testing/treatments

5) Coordinate services among providers

What are some reasons why access to care is difficult?

1) Lack of doctors and facilities in rural areas and underserved urban areas.

2) Difficult to recruit and retain sufficient labor supply in some parts of the US.

How will the babyboomer generation effect future healthcare services?

The 65 and over population will double in the coming years.

What healthcare act was passed in 2010?

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka Obamacare

What is the top priority when it comes to healthcare?

Improvement in service.

What is Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)?

Using methods and tools to identify, prevent, and reduce the impact on process failures.

What is the 3rd leading cause of fatalities in the US?

Medical error.

How many people in the US are injured due to medical error?


What key responsibility do workers have if they see a mistake/error?

To speak up.

Who provides specific actions to prevent medical error?

National Patient Safety Goals

What are some healthcare worker shortage issues?

1) 55% of RNs will retire in the next ten years

2) A shortage of 1mil nurses by 2020

3) Not a sufficient supply of new RNs to replace leaving ones

4) Serious shortage of geriatric doctors.

What is pros of EMRs (Electronic Medical Records)?

Allows patient information to be shared quickly and frequently among several providers as several location.

What are some cons of EMRs?

1) Time to train staff/make transition

2) Not all ERM systems work together

3) Concerns about a break in patient confidentiality

How many allied health professions?

About 200

What is Allied Health?

Everyone besides doctors and nurses.

What percent does allied health careers make up in the medical field?


What is considered the safest hospitals?

Teaching facilities and those with more than 200 beds.

What is the scope of the HHS (Department of Health and Human Services)?

Protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves.

What does the HHS oversee?

Vaccines and immunizations, disasters and emergency preparedness.

What is the scope of the CDC (Center for Disease Control)?

Prevent and control infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, workplacehazards, disabilities, and environmental health threats.

What is the scope of the JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations)?

Accreditshealth care organizations and offershealth care performance improvement services

What are the JCAHO hospital goals?

1) Improve accuracy in Pt identifiers

2) Improve effectiveness of communication between caregivers

3) Improve the safety of using medications

4) Reduce the rick of healthcare associated infections

5) Accurately and completely reconcile medications across the continuum of care

What is the scope of the ODH (Ohio Department of Health)?

Overseas Medicaid and manages health data from local health departments.

Who does the AMA/AHA (American Medical Association/American Hospital Association) collaborate with?

HHS and CDC.

What is the scope of the National Center for Patient Safety?

Oversees patient safety in VA hospitals.

What is Licensure?

1) The most restrictive form of professional and occupational regulation.

2) Often referred to as right-to-practice.

3) Under licensure laws it is illegal for a person to practice a profession without first meeting state standards

What it Certification?

1) State grants title protection (right-to-title) to persons meeting predetermined standards.

2) Those without certification may practice but may not use the title.

What is Registration?

1) Least restrictive form of regulation.

2) Must register name, address and qualifications with a government agency before practicing.

Why is licensure required?

1) To protect the public health and safety through an assurance of quality

2) Protect the scope of practice byexcluding those who do not have prerequisites for licensure.

3) Maintain continuing education standards

4) Identify and locate practitioners in timeof need such as disasters or major medical emergencies.

What are the advantages of licensure?

1) Defines the "scope of practice"

2) Prohibits individuals who are substandard practitioners or criminals from working in the state.

3) Mandates minimal standards of competency.

What are some concerns over licensure?

1) Cost to practitioner

2) Mobility of practitioner is somewhat limited

3) Increase's state costs

4) Decline in available practitioners

How does one maintain his/her licensure?

1) Complete the continuing education requirements before the due date.

2) Maintain good records during the licenseperiod.

3) Mail paperwork well in advance of duedate.

4) Do not practice outside the scope of your practice.

5) Refrain from illegal activitiesespecially while on-duty.