Mistakes In Nursing Essay

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Nursing is a profession in which the main focus is on the care of individuals, families and communities which may be helpful for the people to maintain or recover their optimal quality of life. The profession of nursing is different from that of health care providers by using the approach to patient care, training and other practice levels. The profession of nursing has to be taken very seriously as one small mistake and the patient suffering can lose his life. In such a situation only the particular nursing staff is held liable at that time (brown, 2011).
In the health care industry many mistakes happen tend to happened that can destroy the life or even lead to die. This is frightening and as nurses we should always be aware of the alternative.There
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A person who was working in a pharmacy is also a kind of nursing care only was supposed to give 2.5mg Warfarin to the customers but despite of reading the prescriptions many time carefully the nursing staff gave Wafarin 5mg to the patient. Later on after few days when the patient wife called them and told about their mistake the staff was very scared as due to extra intake of dosage the person could have died also. Other situations in which nursing staff was made mistakes for which they can be held liable are making a faling to record the health of the patient or drug information. Many times it’s seen that nursing staff forgets that a particular patient is suffering from allergy or diseases like diabetes, hemophilia, or glaucoma in which the normal medication is not given. Special medicines considering such things in mind are given to patient. They are supposed to check about every patients food and drug allergies and other kind of diseases, and chronic health problems. Failure is recording to nursing actions is also seen as the case of negligence. Recording everything and regulating updating them on the chart is very necessary so

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