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The candy store only had 18 candy bars left. They got a new shipment of 53 candy bars. How many do they have now?
71 candy bars
The book store had 35 copies of Clifford books. They got another shipment in that had 48 copies of Clifford books. How many Clifford books do they have now?
83 Clifford books
Kevin picks 36 apples. DeeDee picks 38 apples. How many apples do they pick altogether?
74 apples
Charlie has 28 baseball cards in his collection. Katie has 27 cards in her collection. How many cards do they have in all?
55 cards
Lot grew 33 tomatoes and 49 carrots in her garden this summer. How many vegetables did she grow?
82 vegetables
On the first day of Cassidy's vacation, her family drove 35 miles. On the second day of their vacation, they drove 28 miles. How many miles did they drive in the first two days?
63 miles
Lisa wants to buy a hat for 37 cents and a baseball for 55 cents. How much money does Lisa need?
92 cents
Sam had 35 cents. He saved up another 56 cents. How much money does he have now?
91 cents
There are 23 girls at the second grade picnic. There are 19 boys at the picnic also. How many children are at the picnic in all?
42 children
Sarah wants to buy a hate for 26 cents and a candy bar for 15 cents. How much money does Sarah need?
41 cents
Al bought two 19 pound turkeys to feed his family for Thanksgiving. How much turkey did he have?
38 pounds
Last summer, Mario read 35 books. This summer, he read 55 books. How many books has Mario read in the last two summers?
90 books
Lucy wants to buy a balloon for 36 cents and a notebook for 46 cents. How much money does Lisa need?
82 cents