Reflection On Assessing Prior Knowledge And Planning Instruction

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Section I: Reflecting on Assessing Prior Knowledge and Planning Instruction
In order for students to be successful in this lesson, students must have had previous practice with basic addition and subtraction. Prior knowledge and experience with addition and subtraction equations, will be quickly reviewed at the beginning of the lesson, before getting started with the word problems. This information gathered from the review, will be used to assist students in understanding that we are still using addition and subtraction within the word problems. This information may also be used to help the teacher understand where each child is at within their skills, to give extra support as needed.
The content should be taught at this grade level, because
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The assessment shows if students have been successful, by looking at their success in different aspects of their problem solving. I have set up a point system, to show exactly how successful students were with the provided set of word problems they must solve in this …show more content…
This assessment will also show if student needs were met as well. If a students showed little to no understanding according to the assessment, that would clearly show if these students needs were not met or accommodated.
Section IV: Reflecting on How your lesson meet each of the ISTE NETs Standards?
My lesson meets standard 1; facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity by allowing students to think critically and solve problems for themselves. Students will also be allowed the opportunity to create a word problem themselves dealing with taking apart or putting together items. This calls for student creativity.
My lesson meets standard 2; provide digital age learning experiences and assessments and standard 3; model digital-age work & learning, by including technology in almost every part of the lesson. Students will be interacting with a smart board, and will be using tablets to use Kidspiration to demonstrate their work when solving the word problems. Students will be assessed on their work they created through

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