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How do you deal with objections

Listen (nodding / eye contact / smile)

Agree/ acknowledge/empathize

Respond & build value

Land on a box


I don't have time

I'm in the middle of something

Anything to do with time


Smile and nod make eye contact

Agree / Acknowledge / Empathize

I understand.

Respond & build value

Let me give you the short version...

I'll be brief...

Build value

Use the same pitch. Deliver with a sense of urgency but don't hurry the goal here is to get them to take the lamenent

Land on a box In theusual way.

Close Ask for sale in usual way

I'm not interested

Listen...eye contact smile and nod

Agree /acknowledge/ Empathize

I understand

Respond and build value

That's alright

I'm here to tell you and your neighbors who we are and what we are doing perhaps that will peak your interest

Start as usual and have the goal of getting them to take the lamenent

Land on a box As usual

Close As usual

I don't do any business at the door

Listen (nodding / eye contact / smile)

Agree / Acknowledge / Empathize

I understand

Respond & build value

We could go to the window

Build value

Go right back to script goal is to have them take the lamenent

Land on a box as usual or again

Close as usual or ask for sale again

I need to talk to my partner

Listen (nodding / eye contact / smile)

Agree / Acknowledge / Empathize

I understand We work with family farms so we understand that you want to make this decision as a family believe it or not your not the first familyn to have this problem...

Respond and build value

this is exactly why we do it this way...we can make a profile for you and you will have access to the online farmers market you can take the info to your wife and you can make the decision together

Land on a box as needed

Close as for sale again

Barking dogs inside

Listen (nodding /eye contact / smile)

Agree / Acknowledge / Empathize

Love the dogs. They seem very nice

Respond & build value

Would you like to come out on the porch

Stay on script the goal is to get them to take the lamenent

Land on box as usual

Close as usual

What are the five key segments of our beyond organic philosophy

Land management





What national govererning body is in charge of organinc

a legal definition governed by the USDA National Organic Program

Which governs what you put in the field

What is organic

Organic is a legal definition governed by the USDA Nation Organic Program. (NOP)

It is set of rules strictly about what goes on the field

What is beyond organic

Land Management





What year did the USDA take over the definition of organic


Who is a co owner of Capay farm in california

Thaddeus barsotti

What is the name of the regional sales manager for Capay farms in California

Jason velebit

What is the name of our sister farm

Capay organic

What is the name of the apricots grown on the Capay organic farm

Royal Blendhiem Apricots

Why do we use cover crops

So that the micro organisms eat nitrogen and turn it into natural nitrates the feed the soil

What is a natural way to deal with insects infestation (moths)

Put the pharamone that the attract each other with all over so they can't attract their mate

What is the name of the moth

Peach twigbore moth

When and where is cover crops planted

In the fall in the the stone fruit field

What crop is at the core of our crop rotation program

Heirloom tomatoes

What are the tomatoes putting into the soil

Pathagens in the soil eat the tomatoe roots

When a customer is buying from our CSA what are they supporting

Crop rotation which leads to a more variety of produce

Name the three Major parts of beyond organic land management practices

Limited use of fertilizers

Crop rotation

Green manure for pest control like garlic juice and cedar oil

What is the key to a healthy farm

The key to a healthy farm is an ecosystem with everything living in harmony

What is biodiversity

Respecting the whole ecosystem

How many months do we have flowers polenating on the farm


What effect do GMO's have on the eccostystem

Some animals that eat em die

It effects the whole eccostystem

What is the difference between hybrids and heirlooms

Heirloom are a our strain and all will look the same

Hybrids are not the can all look different

What is the name of our carrot

Naahs carotts

What are the main components of biodiversity

Maintaining the ecological system

Fostering native species and pollinators

Planting hedge rows for insects

Growing diverse varietals of fruits & vegetables

Extra credit we use native bees to polenate

And It helps The Planet

What is a mono culture farming really suseptabl to

Soil errosion

What advantage to native plants provide

Help against soil errosion

How do farm workers make more than minimum wage

Price rate

Higher dollars an hour

Farmers get less per case

Same benefits as farmers

Respectfully and safe work environment

How much to the farm workers get in mexico

$11.00 a day

When it comes to beyond organic that is Thaddeus Barsotti most proud of

Paying the farm workers what they are worth

Name the main components of our beyond organic people & safety procedures

Higher wages

401k health no insurance & benefits

Higher safety standards

Respectful & clean working environment

Year round work

How do we conserve water

Using drip tape or pressurized sprinklers

How do drip tapes work

Drip tape puts water right into the ground preventing water loss from eveporation or weeds

What does cooling do

Preserves freshness

What is the importance of cooling

For every hour that the product is not at it's optimal temp the lifespan is cut in half

What is our goal

Our goal is to have the best local selection for our customers

How much time dirt to door farm to fork

48 hours

What is RPO

Reusable plastic container