Monsanto Killing Us Cartoon Analysis

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Cj Gonzalez
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English 4
17 May 2015 Killing Us

The image displayed above illustrates a giant hand with the name Monsanto on it strangling a woman who is portrayed as Mother Nature. Monsanto is a company that produces genetically modified foods. What the artist is trying to tell the viewers is that Monsanto is killing the planet with all of its biochemical research and experiments. The element used in this cartoon is hyperbole because it is an exaggeration as to what the fist doing to Mother Nature. Symbolism is also used in this cartoon analysis, the big fist representing Monsanto and the woman representing Mother Nature. If more people saw this, and analyzed it, their minds would open up to what is really happening around them.
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In other words, GMOs means that there will be fewer weed flowers; hence, less nectar to attract pollinators leading to no pollination. In addition, lack of other crops means that the toxins that will be released in the plant routes will have fewer bacteria. Soil bacteria form a critical part in the health of soil and crops. The toxins left by the GMO will affect the growth of the plants will affect the biodiversity and the ecosystem. Mono cropping means that the nutrients will not be returned into the soil (Freedman 20). The soil will be dry and devoid of nutrients that are essential in the growing process of crops. Moreover, GMO will create a cycle of dependence to fertilizers, herbicides, and …show more content…
Arguably, corporate control of food consumption, genetic engineering, and overreliance to herbicides and pesticides does not solve the food problem. Therefore, it is critical that farming should be based on ecological farming (Freedman 29). Studies have shown that ecological farming enhances food production as it fosters healthy farming practices. They enable human beings to adapt and mitigate the changes in the climate. Moreover, they are economical as they increase crop yields and production costs, as they are efficient owing to their naturalness. The approach uses the locally available pest control and fertilizers; hence, reducing the cost of production, as well as, increasing yields (Grignon 1a). However, the concerns on the environment and human safety should be researched to ensure that these crops are not harmful.
Proponents of GMO argue that they are effective in pest control as it targets the insects that destroy the crops. However, this destroys other beneficial bacteria and insects such as bees and butterflies. Their argument is that there is no need for the extensive spraying to the entire crops as one needs to target specific insects (Ruse 40). The truth is that ecological farming is critical as it enables the farmers to cope up with climate change, empowering farmers from relying on corporate control, and are

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