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People who provide products for tourists but who don't work directly in tourism eg. Farmers


People who work in tourism and have direct contact with tourists eg. Shop owner



Extreme environment

A place where few people live for the whole year due to the difficult physical conditions

Physical features

Natural features made by nature

Human features

Man-made features that were constructed

Overseas tourists

People who visit a different country. It's not as frequent and it's for people who earn a high income so have a high disposable income

Domestic tourists

People who visit somewhere within their own country. This is where most of a country's tourist industry economy comes from

Multiplier effect

Money spent by tourists and locals goes back into the local community


When big companies such as Travelodge have buildings in other countries so most of the money spent there goes back to the main country where the business is located


Tourism around the natural environment which is designed to support locals, conserve the environment and educate people to make the forest sustainable for the future

Mass tourism

When a lot of tourists visit one place at the same time