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All of the following were educational institutions during the middle ages except: 1. chantry schools; 2. knighthood preparation; 3. guilds; 4. monasteries; 5. common schools; 6. cathedral schools; 7. universities
common schools
Educational reform during the Era of Transition was greatly influenced by what? (4 things)
1. Educational psychology
2. educational sociology
3. schools of education
4. business leaders
What are three things that the Carnegie Task Force on Teaching As a Profession recommended?
1. national certification of teachers
2. more curriculum control by teachers
3. higher pay for teachers
Who said "man is the measure of all things"?
The Era of Transition was not influenced by __________.
The Holmes Group Report on Teaching recommended what three things?
1. a five-year college program for teachers
2. more intellectually challenging programs for teachers
3. higher entrance requirements for schools of education
First to advocate the abolishment of corpororal punishment.
The "Grand Shift" in American education occurred between _______.
All of the following can be said about colonial schools: (3 things)
1. teachers were poorly trained
2. Discipline was harsh
3. objectives were primarily religious
The fathers of the common school movement were who? (2 men)
According to the first Coleman report, the only statistically significant factor in school achievement was:
the home environment
All of the following were educational institutions during the formative period except: 1. lyceum; 2. middle school; 3. common school; 4. academy
middle school
The fathers of the progressive school movement were: (2 men)
The idea of this post-medieval society was the individual striving for excellence in a variety of areas.
Who said "No nation can be free and ignorant at the same time"?
Thomas Jeffereson
What are three beliefs of the progressive school movement?
1. The child should be at the center of the educational process
2. schoools should be democratic
3. schools should be agents of social change
Christians must be literate in order to resist Satan was an idea that emerged during this period.
Which of the following is not a black leader? B.T. Washington, Dubois, Sinclair, Garvey
Progressive education was influenced by what three things?
1. the mental testing movement
2. the child centered movement
3. the social efficiency movement
The purpose of education is to train individuals who can maintain a harmonious balance ("golden mean") in their lives; nothing to the excess.
Ancient Greece
What are three educational developments during the Era of Transition?
1. Americanization
2. kindergartens
3. Catholic Education
Which educator believed that blacks should not receive a college prep course in high school?
Christians must be literate in order to resist Satan is an idea that came into vogue during this historical period.
There can be no contradiction between revelation and reason: What seems to be a contradiction is the result of humankind's finite reason and not the result of the fallacy of divine revelation.
Middle Ages
Who wrote "Dare the Schools Change the Social Order"?
Schools in this ancient society emphasized military prowess, the education of "disciplined savages" with obedience as the highest educational goal.
Ancient Sparta
The Era of Transition did not include ____.
Home Schooling
Which sociologist studied the Black family in America?
Religious authority and a belief in eternal and universal values were the hallmarks of this period of history.
Middle Ages
Church emphasis during this revolutionary period shifted from the priesthood to the laity with Bible literacy as the primary goal of education.
Which of the following educators is not associated with progressivism? Kilpatrick; Bestor; Dewey; Counts
"A Nation at Risk" recommended what three things?
1. more content courses for teachers in college
2. seven hour school day
3. merit pay for teachers