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Is the activity by which an issue is agitated or settled


Clause authorizes Congress to pass laws that may be needed to fulfill their enumerated powers and all other powers in the Constitution

Necessary and proper laws

Name both of the powers of the president That require senate approval

Appoint certain high officials, Treaties

The power of federal courts to declare a law unconstitutional is known as

Judicial review

When government authority or power is shared by both national and local governments


According to John Locke, On a government that has the......... Of the people can be considered legitimate


Is a form of democracy in which power is vested in representatives selected by means of popular competitive elections

Representative democracy

Is the presiding officer in the House of Representatives, Voted on by the full body, But typically the leader of their party


Name one of the audiences the president tries to influence when attempting to promote their policies

Washington DC

Refers to a large, Complex organization made up of appointed officials


Freedom of .... States that the people shall be free to exercise their religion and government may not establish a religion


Is any source of news And information that has the potential to influence public opinion


A survey of public opinion


A group that seeks to elect candidates To public office

Political party

An organization of people sharing a common interests or goal that seeks to influence public policy

Interest group

The process by which a political chooses a nominee to run in the general election

Primary election

The process by which voters choose from the nominees who will hold a particular public office

General election

Name to elected executives of the state of California who are not the governor

Lieutenant governor and Secretary of State