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When you measure something in meters cubed, you are measuring _______.
If you were to round off the measurement 2.33501 grams to three digits, you would get _____.
A bowler who always left the same three pins standing could be considered a(n) _______bowler.
A millisecond is to a second as one is to ______.
A cubic centimeter can be expressed as _______.
cm3 or cc
SI units are useful because they are all related by multiples of ____.
Which visual displays would be best for describing the percentages of different gases in the atmosphere?
circle graph
Matter that has the same composition and properties throughout is called a(n)_______.
When two pure substances are combined so that each of the pure substances retains its own properties the result is a(n) ______.
In general, metals are_______.
good conductors of heat, shiny, have a metallic luster, they are malleable.
Which of these statements about matter is NOT true
during chemical changes, matter is destroyed.
The millions of compounds that exdist are made from approximately ______ elements.
Most of the mass of an atom is found in its _______.
Vegetable soup is an example of a ________.
heterogenous mixture
When someone stirs cocoa powder into hot water or hot milk, the cocoa changes from a _______
solid to a liquid
A certain atom has 26 protons, 26 electrons, and 30 neutrons. It's mass number is ________
56 (number of protons plus the number of neutrons)
____ has mass and takes up space.
The measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles of a substance is the _______.
The _______ is a unit of force
Archemedes' Principle helps to explain the relationship between_______.
buoyancy and density
As a sample of matter is cooled, which property of its particles increases?
cohesive forces
The freezing point of a substance is _______ the melting point of the same substance.
same as
Kinetic energy is the ______ of motion.
Pascal's Principle can be applied to__________.
Pressure applied to enclosed fluids.
Which objects are like a crystalline solid?
Salt, Diamonds,Sugar, Sand and Snow.
An amorphous solid is _________.
A solid that comes together without froming crystal structures. Rubber, plastic and glass are examples.
Viscosity is a measure of a fluid's _____.
thickness. The slower a liquid flows the higher the viscosity.
For most substances, the distance between particles is smallest when the substance _________
exists as a chrystalline solid.
A cork is able to float on water because it is_______
less dense than the water.
The following are examples of physical properties________
-color, size, solubility, density are examples of physical properties. They are characteristics of a substance that can be observed or measured without changing the substance into something else.
What are the states of matter?
solid, liquid and gas
Density is an example of a ______
size, independent property.
Density is equal to__________.
An acidic sample has a pH_____
less than 7
A basic sample has a pH range ____
A neutral sample has a pH____.
A characteristic of matter that allows it to change to something new is a ________.
chemical property
Examples of chemical properties are_______
ability to burn; ability to react with oxygen nd ability to corrode
One of the chemical properties of bases is that they______
can damage human tissue
Acids and bases can be_______
taste sour, bitter and are slippery
All of the following are examples of physical changes_______
changing from a liquid, solid, gas.
All of the following are examples of chemical weathering____
cave formations
Give an example of physical change.
evaporation in a swamp
Give an example of a chemical change.
burning paper
Speed is the rate of change in ____.
To describe velocity you need to know_________.
speed and direction
When you graph the motion of an object, you put ____ on the horizontal axis and ___on the vertical axis
Acceleration involves a change in______
direction and speed
Acceleration is a change in _____
velocity divided by the time it takes for the change to occur
On a speed-time graph, a horizontal line shows the change in speed is______
tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion
If you exert a force on an object in motion you will change its_____
The distance traveled divided by the time taken to travel the distance is _____
When object A collides with object B and bounces back, its final momentum is ______its initial momentum.
in the opposite direction of
When a toy truck collides into a toy car, the momentum of ___is the same before and after the collision.
the truck plus the car
Momentum is a measure of______
how hard it is to stop an object.
Forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction are______.
balanced forces
If gravity did not affect the path of a horizontally thrown ball, the ball would _____
travel horizontally
Newton's first law of motion states that an object remains at rest unless a _____force acts on it
Air resistence _______as you move faster.
The force you have to overcome to start an object moving is_____
static friction
Whenever a body is in motion, there is always ______to oppose the motion
The upward force on an object falling through the air is _______
air resistance
The relationship among force, mass, and acceleration is stated in ______
Newton's second Law of Motion
A feather falls through the air more slowly than a brick because of________
air resistance
According to Newton's second Law of Motion_______
an object acted upon by a net force will accelerate in the direction of the force, and that the acceleration equals the net force divided by the objects mass.
A 3,000-N force gives an object an acceleration of 15 m/s2. The mass of the object is ______
200 kg
A 300-N force acts on a 25-kg object. The acceleration of the object is_____
The statement "for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction" is a staement of ______
Newton's third Law
When a diver jumps off a diving board, gravity pulls him or her down to the water. What is the reactionforce to Earth's gravity?
Air resistance
When you see a change in the enviornment you know that _____has been transferred
A rock on a cliff has ____energy
A banana has _____ energy
A kite flying over the ocean has ____ energy
potential kinetic
In every energy transformation, some energy is always "lost' as _____ energy
Unlike other forms of energy, thermal energy is hard to _____
In a nuclear power plant, nuclear energy is first changed to _____ energy
Most plants use a ______ to turn a generator
_______is a fossil fuel
coal, oil, and natural gas
The form of energy in fossil fuels is _____energy
_______is an alternative resource
solar energy, wind and geothermal energy
A photovoltaic converts______energy.
radiant to ecectrical
A disadvantage of nuclear energy is the ________produced
radioactive waste
Give an example of mechanical wave.
transverse waves, compressional waves, and sound waves.
Give examples of electromagnetic waves.
radiowaves, microwaves, infrared waves,ultraviolet waves,xrays and gammarays
-they are made from electric and magnetic fields
-they have a frequency and a wavelength
Give an example of acompressional wave
-matter in the medium moves forward and backward along the same direction that the wave travels
-squeezing together and releasing several coils of a coiled spring toy is one example
Tsunamis have a large amount of energy because of their large _____
Which determines the color of a lightwave?
wavelength and frequency
A place where molecules are far apart is a
The speed of sound through air is about _______
When light bounces off a surface it is called _______
Which one of the following cases will refraction occur?
light traveling from air to glass
Constructive interference occurs when waves meet______
crest to crest
If you round 6.941g to the nearest tenth of a unit it is ____
If you round 25.643 to the nearest ones place it is______
When you are making an estimation you should rely on_____
precise experience
Precision is the ability to remain_____
Why was the SI established?
To avoid confusion and provide a world wide way of measuring
The meter is the unit of measurement for______
Mass is measured in what unit_____
kilogram or gram
To measure the volume you might use_______
a graduated cylinder, ruler and a beaker
Weight is a measurement of_____
the force which must be applied to support an object in a gravitational field
The formula for Density is_____
D=m/v (Mass/Volume)
The formula for Pressure is_____
P=F/A (Force/Area)
The pressure on an object is equal to the _____applied to the surface of the object
If you are walking in the snow and add snowshoes to your boots, the pressure on the snow would____
A fluid always _____
applies equal pressure in all directions
The pressure a fluid exerts on an object is_____the surface of the object
The buoyant force_____
is equal to the weight of an object, the object will float. If the buoyant force is less than the object, the object will sink.
As an object falls deeper into a fluid, the buoyant force____
remains the same
The buoyant force on an object is equal to the ____
weight of the fluid displaced by the object