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What is the first system for ATP synthesis?
How many ATP does one PCr make?
What are the benefits of ATP-Pcr system?
simplest and most rapid
no oxygen required
faster breakdown=faster contraction
fastest ATP production
highest power output
doesn't produce lactate
What are the drawbacks of the ATP-PCr system?
only lasts for 3-8s
limited supply
1:1 ratio for ATP
When does Glycolysis begin?
When PCr decreases
What does glycolysis use for energy and how much ATP does it produce?
glycogen- 3 ATP
glucose-2 ATP (because need ! more ATP in the process of going from glucose to pyruvate)
what are the benefits of glycolysis?
Makes more ATP than PCr
lasts ~ 1 minute
anaerobic (glucose)
glycogen is converted to pyruvate and sent to krebs cycle
What are the drawbacks of glycolysis?
acidosis-lactic acid build up
anaerobic-pyruvate converted to lactic acid (glucose)
What is an activity for glycolysis?
400-800m dash
What are the 3 stages of oxidative metabolism?
1) generates acetyl CoA
2)oxidate Acetyl CoA
3) ETC
What types of fuel does glycolysis use?
fats (makes more ATP, but needs more oxygen)
proteins (last choice)
What begins the Krebs cycle?
Pyruvate becomes Acetyl CoA
What is the metabolic pathway that produces ATP?
Electron TRansport Chain
How many ATP does glycolysis make?
What are the drawbacks of glycolysis?
very slow to start
needs oxygen
creates free radical oxygen
What are the benefits ot glycolysis?
lasts for greater than 2 minutes
unlimited ATP production
beta oxidation
FFA breaks off and each chain of 16 carbons goes through the cycle and 8 Acetyl CoA are formed which makes 106 usable ATP, but requires more oxygen than CHO and Proteins
What is an activity for glycolysis?
1-2 mile run
What are the muscular benefits when you have a 12 week running program?
-change from IIx to IIa fibers
-increased number and size of mitochondria
-increased activity of oxidative enzymes and NADH shuttles
What are the metabolism adaptations that occur with a 12 week running program?
-increase in liver and muscle glycogen to make ATP more readily available
-increase in fat usage for fuel
-Lowers RER
What does training do to your lactate threshold?
-increases lactate threshold
-able to exercise at a greater intensity before onset because oxidative kicks in quicker and the threshold happens at a higher intensity so can maintain a faster speed without having lactate build up
What CV benefits does a 12 week running program have?
-increase in capillary density, which leads to better utilization of oxygen
-HR decreases
-Blood flow increases
-blood volume increases
-greater volume of plasma
Respiratory benefits of 12 week running program
-VO2 increase by up to 30%
-decreased RER