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Pros vs. Cons of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)?


- not obstructed by bones

- diagnoses tumors, brain disorders, soft tissue injuries

- no major health risks


- long wait times

- expensive to operate

- problems with mechanical aids

- 45 min procedure

- referral from orthopaedic surgeon

- tight space

Pros vs. Cons of CT (Computer Axial Tomography)?


- short wait times

- referral from family doctor

- 15-20min procedure

- works with mechanical aids


- radiation

Second Impact Syndrome

2nd concussion occurs before the player has recovered from the 1st

Grade 1, 2, and 3(a/b) Concussion

Grade 1: no loss of consciousness, less than 15mins of symptoms - week off

Grade 2: no loss of consciousness, more than 15mins of symptoms - 2 weeks off with approval

Grade 3: loss of consciousness

3a: unconscious for seconds - 6 months with approval

3b: unconscious for minutes - year off with approval

Tests for ACL and PCL

Lachman's Test and Anterior Drawer Test

Tests for LCL and MCL

LCL: Vargus Stress Test

MCL: Valgus Stress Test

Autonomic Nerve System (ANS)

- involves involuntary contractions of cardiac and smooth muscle