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In collective bargaining negotiations, management needs to be properly prepared (i.e through financial forecasting and planning) to negotiate wage/salary issue because it is a ____ bargaining item and there are significant ____ costs associated with wage increases.
mandatory; roll-up
In collective bargaining, when concessions are made by labor ____.
the workers expect something in return for the concession they made
In times of economic recession, workers represented by a union may be asked by their employer to make concessions. An example of such a concession is the acceptance of ____.
a two-tier wage system in exchange for job security.
Deferred wage rate increases can be negotiated into a collective bargaining agreement _____.
so wage rate increases take effect over time as negotiated and specified in the collective bargaining agreement.
The basic priorities and management must be ___and ____.
compliance with wage laws; maintaining the company's ability to compete
When employers grant a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to employees they are ____.
adjusting their base pay for inflation so their standard of living remains the same
Bonuses typically take the form of a _____ that ____ increase employee wages.
lump-sum payment; does not permanently
Pay for time worked and piece rate systems are both common options for paying ____.
employees by the hour, like those working in manufacturing
A wage reopener is a provision that can be included in a collective bargaining agreement that allows ____.
Wage rates only to be opened for renegotiation during the life of the contract by either Labor or Management
Wage rates in collective bargaining are ____.
Difficult to negotiate because they are so costly to the employer and so important to the employees
Leading up to negotiations, ____ can help employers and unions know the approximate wage rate being paid for jobs in the market that are similar to those of the in the bargaining unit.
external wage surveys
A two-tier wage system is____.
Uncommon because it first requires the company financial hardship and also means new employees may not be eligible for as much pain and as many benefits as employees that have been on the job for some time
In a union environment, the ability to pay refers to ____.
an employers ability to afford the cost of the provisions in the collective bargaining agreement
Which of the following is not considered a required employee benefit in the United States and therefore is an important item that unions try to achieve for the employees they represent through negotiations with employers/management?
health insurance
The type of pension plan that provides the most security for workers during retirement and that unions will thus try to secure for the employees they represent in negotiations with employers is a ____.
defined benefit plan
Defined contribution (retirement) plans are becoming increasingly popular with employers, partly because ____assumes the risk of the investment.
the employees
A retirement plan uses a base pay amount, a number of years an employee has worked at a company, and the percentage of base pay employees will earn to calculate an employee's retirement income is a ____.
defined benefit plan
The employee retirement income security act(ERISA) governs ____.
retirement plans voluntarily provided to employees by employers.
Shift differentials, travel pay, and extra pay for bilingual skills are all forms of ____.
premium pay
Workers compensation insurance is governed by ____.
state laws and is not a required benefit in Texas.
Which employees are eligible and how did they become eligible for pay for time not worked benefits are important to negotiations over ____.
vacation and paid holidays
The purpose of the variety of income maintenance plans is to ____.
minimize the interruption and workers income and thus their consumer spending and standard of living.
The way companies are designing employee benefit plans ____.
is one way that employers can distinguish themselves from the competition and be able to attract and retain employees
Under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement, a goods manufacturing firm that agrees to a wage increase for its manufacturing employees who are represented by a union must expense the additional cost for the wage increase under ______.
cost of goods sold on the income statement
Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government (or simply Metro Government) was formed through the merger of ____.
Jefferson County Government and the City of Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Service (LMEMS) is the department created by Metro Government to provide emergency medical services to the entire Louisville Metro area. LMEMS is equivalent to ____.
Representation for Metro Government and the employees must meet in order to negotiate the first contract for the new entity created by the merger. This means that ____ will meet to negotiate.
Management of Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Service(LMEMS) and the Teamsters
Prior to the merger, emergency medical service employees from the city and county governments ____.
both had union representation but from different unions
EMT and paramedic employees working for the new entity formed by the merger will be represented in ____.
The same bargaining unit and by the same union
The employees of the newly formed Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Service (LMEMS) are entitled to collective bargaining rights under ____.
Kentucky state law