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What are the 8 characteristics of epithelium?

1. lining
2. layers - single/multiple
3. intercellular space - minimal
4. avascular
5. polarization
6. keratin
7. cell junctions
8. basement membrane
What is a mneumonic to remember 8 characteristics of epithelium?
What are the 6 functions of epithelium?
1) protection
3) secretion
4) excretion
5) sensation
6) contraction
What is the menumonic to remember the 6 functions of epithelium?
What are the three ways to classify epithelial cells?
1) number of layers
2) shape of surface cells
3) structural specializations

What is the classification scheme based on number of layers

1) simple
2) stratified
What is the classification based on shape of cells?
3) cuboidal
What is the classification based on structural specializations?
1) psuedostratified
2) transitional
3) microvilli, cilia, keratinzed
what is endothelium?
simple squamous epithelium lining blood vessels
What is mesothelium?
simple squamous epithelum lining body cavity
What are the characteristics of simple epithelial
1)encourage passive diffusion
what is the hallmark for psuedostratified epithelium?
all touch basement membrane
what cell is most likely to show polarity?
simple columnar epithelium
What are the two types of stratified squamous epithelium?
-non keratinzed
where would you find keratinzed vs non keratinized stratified epithelium?
keratinized - on surface
non keratinized - lining inside surface

Where would you find stratified columnar epithelium?

transition from one type of epithelium to another
What are the two states of transitional epithelium? (what do they look like)
relaxed - cuboidal
distended -s qaumous
where do you find transitional epithelium?
urinary system