Epithelium-Tissue: Whole Surface Of The Body

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Epithelium-Tissue that covers the whole surface of the body.It has alot of cells in one or more layers.

Describe the four types of tissues.

Function- Epithelium tissue covers the whole surface of your body and it also protects your skin.

Characteristics-The Characteristics traits covers and lines and all body surfaces. The cells are packed together and it the tissue can repair itself.

Classification -The classification types are squamous,cuboidal, and columnar

Draw and label tissue examples below.

Cuboidal Squamous


Function-To support our body and connect together all types of
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The Trachea

Skeletal System-The Skeletal system provides support for our body also for our muscles , it also allows us to move from one place to another. The skeletal system connects with the muscles and they work together to move the skeleton .The major organs that the skeletal system has are the ribs, and the skull.The ribs protect inner organs and The skull protects the brain.

Digestive System-The digestive system turns food we eat into energy . It starts even before you put food in your mouth it starts when you smell something very delicious and then your digestive system starts to function.The major organs in the digestive system are the liver and the mouth.The liver helps filter the blood.The mouth and saliva breaks down your food. First your saliva mixes with your food and breaks down your food and when you swallow it, It goes to your swallowing tube then it goes to your stomach and turns into liquid and moves to your small intestine to the large intestine lastly it goes to your
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heart, I am located between the lungs in the middle of the chest. I work with the Circulatory system. The arteries carry oxygen and blood from the heart which is me to the rest of the body, Then the veins return the blood to me after the oxygen has been used. I have worked with Mr. Lungs and Mrs. Brain for over 12 years now. First the left side of me receives blood from the body and then i pump it to the lungs,The right side of me receives blood from the body and then i pump it all over the body. I am very important because i carry blood and oxygen all over the body. If you fire me the body wouldn’t be able to pump blood so the body would

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