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what does political power mean?
power heldby those with the backing of the law
what does personal power mean?
power held by individuals as a result of their roles in organisations
what does social group power mean?
power held as a result of being a member of a dominant social group
what does instrumental power mean?
power used to maintain and enforce authority
what does inflential power mean?
power used to influence or persuade others
what does power in discourse mean?
they ways in which power is manifested in situations through language
what does power behind discourse mean?
the focus on the social and ideological reasons behind the enactment of power
what does ideology mean?
a set of beliefs systems attitudes or a world view held by an individual or groups.
what does epistemic modality mean?
constructions that express degrees of possibility,probality and obligation
what does deontic modality mean?
constructions that express degrees of necessity and obligation
what does synthetic personalisation mean?
they way in which advertising and other forms of communication used personalised language such as the second person pronoun "you" to construct a relationship between the text producer and the reader.
what does members resources mean?
the vast amount of background knowledge and information that readers use in order to intepret text.
what does power asymmetry mean?
a marked differencein the power status of individuals involved in discourse
what does unequal encounter mean?
highligting the power on speaker has over another.
what does powerful participant mean?
a speaker with a higher status ina given context.
what does less powerful participant mean?
those with less status in a given context
what does constraints mean?
ways in which powerful participants may block or control the contributions of less powerful participants. e.g interrupting.
what does formulation mean?
the rewording of anothers contribution by a powerful participant to impose a certain meaning or understanding
what does face mean?
a persona self esteem or emotional needs.
what does positive face mean?
the need to feel wanted,liked and appreciated.
what does negative face mean?
the need to have freedom of thought and actiona nd not feel imposed on.
what does face threatening act mean?
a communicative act that thretens soemones positive or negative face.
what does positve and negative politeness stratgies mean?
stratgies that a speaker might use to make sure or avoide fac threatening acts.
what does small talk mean?
talk that is primarily interactional in orinetation and is geared towards establishing relationships
what does repressive discourse strategy mean?
a more indirect way of exercising power and control through conversational constraints
what does opressive discourse strategy mean?
linguistic behaviour that is open in its exercising of power and control