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what does sex mean?
biological differences between males and females
what does gender mean?
the diefference in behaviour and roles that are a result of societys expectations.
what does socilisation process mean?
a process by which individuals behaviours are conditioned and s haped.
what does actor mean?
the individual for the action of a verb process.
what does affected mean?
the person affected by a material action process.
what does marked form mean?
that which stands out as different from a norm.
what does unmarked form mean?
the measured norm aganist which marked lexical items can be compared.
what does covert marking mean?
marking that is understood.
what does overt marking mean?
marking that takes place through affixation or modification
what does streotyping mean?
assigning a general set of chracterisitcs to a group as a whole often with negative connotation.
what does semantice derogaton mean?
the sense of negative meaning or connotation that some lexical items have attached to them.
what does semantice deterioration mean?
the process by which negative connotations become attached to lexical items.
what does folklinguistics mean?
attitudes and assumptions about language that have no real evidence to support them.
e.g women are more chatty than men.
what does covert prestige mean?
a form of high status given to non standard forms
what does a tag question mean?
a group of words that turn a declarative into an interrogative.
what is a hedging device?
a linguistic device used to express uncertainity.
what is a boiisting device?
a lingustic device used to intensify the force of an expression for added emphasis or power.