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Question 1

For question one you have to find four facts. It will test my ability to find information ℹn a text. It may be explicit or implicit information. Worth 4 marks

Find information

Question 2

In question 2 you will have to write about how the writer uses language to achieve effects and influence on the reader. Worth 8 marks

Language and effect on reader

Question 3

This question will test the structure part. I will needed to write about how the writer uses structure to achieve effects and influence on the reader. Worth 8 marks

Structure= effect and influence on the reader

Question 4

In this question I will need to evaluate the text critically and give a person response. It is a to what extent do u agree question. Have evidence to support point. Worth 20 marks

Your opinion, to what extent do u agree.

Question 5

This question is a creative writing task. Examiners will be looking for you to produce an interesting, well-organised and accurately written piece. There will be a choice of tasks, but you only need to do one. U have 45mins and it is worth 40 marks. The two choices are write a descriptive piece about the picture given or write the opening of a story based around the picture

Two choices