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Affirmative Action

Intentional inclusion of women and minorities in the workplace based on a finding of their previous exclusion.


Prohibit a federal contractor from further participation in government contracts.

Affirmative Action Plan

A government contractor's plan containing placement goals for inclusion of women and minorities in the workplace and timetables for accomplishing the goals.

Under-representation or under underutilization

Significantly fewer minorities or women in the workplace than relative statistics indicate are available or their qualification indicate they should be working at better jobs.

Organizational Profile

Staffing patterns showing organizational units, relationship to each other, and gender, race, and ethnic compositions.

Job Group Analysis

Combines job titles with similar content, wage rates, and opportunities.


Minorities and women in a geographical area who are qualifies for a particular position.

Placement Goal

Percentage of women and/or minorities to be hired to correct under-representation, based on availability in the geographic area.

Corporate Management Compliance Evaluation

Evaluations of mid and senior-level employee advancement for artificial barriers to advancement of women and minorities.

Judicial Affirmative Action

Affirmative action ordered by a court as a remedy for discrimination found by the court to have occurred, rather than arising from Executive Order 11246.

Reverse Discrimination

Claim brought by majority member who feels adversely affected by the use of an employer's affirmative action plan.

Valuing Diversity

Learning to accept and appreciate those who are different from the majority and value their contributions to the workplace.