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inability to perform task


consequence of disability

highest incidence disability under IDEA

Specific learning disabilities


different specialists work on one case, before iep


more cohesive than interdisciplinary, before iep


most cohesive team of specialists working on a case, usually happens after iep

Transition plan

individualized plan w/ identified goals and objectives used to prepare student in making transition from high school to work/college

when transition plan must be included

before last two years of high school

Co-teaching models

teaming, parallel, 1 teach/1 assist, 1 teach/1 observe, station teaching, alternative teaching


individualized family service plan


individualized education program


Getting everyone at passing level, even students w/ exceptionalities

What's involved in successful co-teaching

Know self, partner, students, and stuff

Categories of disability under IDEA

Visual impairments, audial impairments, deaf-blindness, cognitive disabilities, specific learning disabilities, language/speaking disabilities, orthopedic disabilities, multiple disabilities, traumatic brain injury, developmental delay, autism, behavioral/emotional disabilities, other health impairments


kids who might have a developmental delay

Potential causes for being at-risk

trauma, single-parent households, older siblings who have dropped out of high school, substance abuse of parent/child, financial instability, nutritional instability, homelessness


Universal Design for Learning - Classroom is accessible to all students

First Law for Students w/ Disabilities

PL 94-142

How LRE is determined

Two-pronged test

Key court cases influencing special education

Brown v. Board of Education, PARC v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Larry P. v. Riles, Board of Education of Hendrick Hudson Central School District v. Rowley, Daniel R.R. v. State Board of Education

Stipulations for IDEA's reauthorization

Students w/ disabilities required to participate in state- and district-wide assessments, transition planning commences at age 14, orientation and mobility included as related service, discretionary use of developmentally delayed label for pupils ages 3-9, general educators required to participate on IEP team, students w/ disabilities to be involved in and have access to general education curriculum, mediation offered as means of resolving disputes, benchmarks and measurable annual goals emphasized, pupils who violate student code of conduct may be removed from current educational placement only after due process hearing, assistive tech needs of each learner must be assessed, students expelled/suspended from school still entitled to receive services in accordance w/ IEP, greater variety of assessment tools and strategies are permissible for initial evals and reevaluations

Major life activities

walking, seeing, hearing, working, and learning

Prereferral interventions

Instructional/behavioral strategies introduced by general educator to assist students experiencing difficulty

Continuum of services

There's a spectrum of help given to students depending on how severe their handicap is

Ethnic group that comprises most educators


Percentage of the US population that speaks a language other than English


Multicultural education

educational strategy wherein cultural heritage of each pupil is valued


One's cultural practices are correct and those of other groups are inferior

How students who are bilingual become more proficient in English

Transitional, maintenance, enrichment, immersion, ESL, sheltered English

What educators must consider when planning interventions for learners who are culturally and linguistically diverse?

Assessments may be culturally biased

Drawbacks to standardized testing

May only measure cultural assimilation

How lack of life experience effects results on standardized testing

Students may experience life differently than how it's portrayed in standardized tests

How teachers can prepare for influx of students of color

Avoid stereotypes and learn more about other cultures

A family’s ability to respond to a crisis or stressful event


How siblings react when one has a disability

Resentful, jealous, hostile, guilty, grieving, fearful, shamed, embarrassed, rejected

Why diverse families’ involvement in education be inhibited

Lack of ability to communicate, travel, understand

Cultural sensitivity

Perspective adopted by pros when working w/ families in which there's awareness of and respect for values, customs, and traditions of individuals and families

How educators can establish meaningful and effective partnerships with families with children with disabilities

exhibit cultural sensitivity

Technology that's evidence-based practice in math class



Adjustable-height desks for seating and positioning


Wheelchair for mobility

Augmentative and alternative communication

Picture exchange Communication System for communication

Computer access

Alternative keyboard for computer access

Adaptive toys and games

Switch-operated battery toys for recreation and leasure

Adaptive environments

Adapted utensils, bowls, and cups for activities of daily living

Instructional aids

speech-to-text for motor aspects of writing, word prediction for composition of written material, readingPen for reading, concrete/virtual manipulatives for mathematics, watchminder for organization, text-to-speech for vision, FM system for hearing

Different categories of technology

Teaching,medical, productivity, info, instructional, assistive

How to determine appropriate learning media for student w/ visual impairment

Vision specialist informs family

Socially appropriate behavior

Proper way to respond to someone in certain cultural way

Why socially acceptable behavior must be taught, at times, to students with visual impairments

They can't observe it for themselves

What visual acuity is considered to be legally blind?

20/200 with correction