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what are lower order questions
they can be answered through memory
are teachers questions higher order lower order or a mix
lower order
when are higher order questions used most effecticvely
a discussion of student opinions
a teacher asks a student to grade her own research paper and to justifu her grade. identify the lecel of this task on blooms taxonomy
the amount of time a teacher typically waits to call on a student after asking a question is
one second or less
what are the 4 stages of teacher development
survival (1st or 2nd year)
consolidation (3rd & 4th year)
renewal (5th and getting masters)
and maturity (leave classroom for admin jobs and such)
what is academic learning time
engaged time with high success rate
what is direct teaching
includes guided practice teacher feedback and review among other active teaching behaviors
cooperative learning
students work on activities in small heterogeneous groups rewards based on entire group preformance
ability to do several things at once
what is praise used for
more effective if contingent upon student performance
what is pedagogical cycle
structure question respond react
what is higher order question
useful in getting students to manipulate information in more sophisticated ways
what is wait time
between question and student response and again between student response and teaching reaction
what is scaffolding
carefully organizing content and questions in step by step fashion to encourage student understandings
what discribes Blooms taxonomy
system for determining the intellectual level of questions
what are magnet schools
offer unique educational programs in areas like technology or arts
what is "a place called school"
a study and a book that explores school practives and the purposes of schooling
what are the five new basics
english social science, computer science, math, science
what is "a nation at risk"
report that criticized cafeteria style curriculum and called for five new basics
what is school choice
allows for open enrollment vouchers and charter schools
what is privatization
involvement of for profit companies in education
what is sputnik
changes U.S. education system increasing an emphasis in math and science
what is a good book for someone who wants to lear more about economic reconstructionism
paulo freires the pedagogy of the oppressed
who is john goodlad
the author of a place called school
what was the influential report that focused the nations attention on the need for education reform and set in motion the first of three waves of reform that have been buffeting american schools since 1980s
a nation at risk
what started as a tool to desegregate schools
magnet schools
what do charter schools typically enjoy
permission to operate for a fixed length of time
when a teachers private life is called into question by the courts a governing principle that determines whether or not the teacher may be dismissed is often
whether there is subbstantial disruption of the educational process
the principle protecting a teachers rights to teach without coercion censorship or other restrictive interference is know as
is known as academic freedom
what was the U.S. supreme court decision that protected teachers freedom of speech to publicly express themselves as long as the statements are not malicious or intentionally inaccurate and do not disclose confidential material or hamper teaching performance
pickering V. board of education
without a license or permission educational institutions may not keep copyrighted videotapes for more than
the buckley amendment ensures the rights of ________ to access educational records
parents and guardians
you are teaching in a school that has recently established a computer repair program. you notice that all the students in the program are male. you find out that the school has done nothing to attract females into this computer repair training and in fact the teacher in charge is hostile to teaching females explaining that they will get married have kids and never use what i teach them. what federal legislation is being violated
title IX of the education amendments
a child who is expelled for bringing nail clippers to school is feeling the consequence of
a zero tolerance policy
what best describes the use of corporal punishment in US education
corporal punishment is legal in a little less than half of the states
a student is quite upset with the use of special intrest funds in the congresional elections in her local district. as a protest she attaches several corporate logos to her clothes advertizing everything from oil companies to automobiles. to the teachers and students who ask her she explains that this is her way of protesting the influence of big business in national politics. her right to undertake this activity was established in
tinker V des moines
a teacher who suspects a child is the victim of child abuse
has both an ethical and legal responsibility to report the suspected abuse
which of the following best describes the system of funding US schools
very decentralized with local and state governments bearing most of the costs
local communities raise most of their educational revenues through
property tax
how much of the cost of public education does the federal government pay for
less than 10%
individual states retain responibility for education due to which amendment
tenth amendment
a school superintendent
is the most powerful education officer in the district
district wide at large elections typically result in local school board members that are
conservative, elite, middle or upper class
state governments typically do NOT
hire school personnel
who can hire and fire a superintendent
school board
what does dese stand for
Department of elementary and seccondary education
pertaining to educational matters what did the federal government create in 1979
EL? US department of education