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6 Ways of securing wireless networks...

1: Change the router password

2: Encrypt the data

3: Set up Media Access Control (MAC) address filtering

4: Hide the router by stopping the router broadcasting

5: Turn of the router when not in use

6: Reduce transmitter power

2 Types of home networks...

1: Local area network

2: Routers

What are local area networks?

To create a home network you need to set up a local area network or LAN. This connects all the computers in the house so that resources can be shared. Benefits of a home network include:

* Sharing the internet connection

* Sharing files, including backing up files

* Sharing peripherals, for example printers

* Internet telephone services.

You need a network interface card (NIC) to connect the computers to the network unless you are using Wi-Fi dongles.

What are routers?

Connecting to the Internet from a home network requires a router. The router connects all of the computers to the modem by giving them an internal IP address so that it 'knows' where to see the data. Most Internet Service Providers will give you a modem and router combined.