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What does AMO (1) stand for?
Aircraft Maintenance Officer
What does AMO (2) stand for?
Assistant Maintenance Officer
What does ABO stand for?
Aviators Breathing Oxygen
What does ACC stand for?
Aircraft Controlling Custodian
What does AFM stand for?
Aviation Fleet Maintenance
What does APU stand for?
Auxiliary Power Unit
What does ASPA stand for?
Aircraft Service Period Adjustment
What does AUL stand for?
Authorized HM Use List
What does AVCAL stand for?
Aviation Consolidated Allowance List
What does CDI stand for?
Collateral Duty Inspector
What does CDQAR stand for?
Collateral Duty Quality Assurance Representative
What does CINC stand for?
Commander in Chief
What does CMC stand for?
Command Master Chief
What does CMEO stand for?
Command Managed Equal Opportunity
What does CNO stand for?
Chief of Naval Operations
What does CTPL stand for?
Central Technical Publications Library
What does DAPA stand for?
Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor
What does DTG stand for?
What does EDVR stand for?
Enlisted Distribution and Verification Report
What does EM stand for?
End-user Manual
What does EMP stand for?
Electromagnetic Pulse
What does EOPS stand for?
Equal Opportunity Program Specialist
What does ESD stand for?
Electro-Static Discharge
What does FCF stand for?
Functional Check Flight
What does FOD stand for?
Foreign Object Damage
What does HUMG stand for?
Hazardous Materials Users Guide
What does IFF stand for?
Identification Friend or Foe
What does IPB stand for?
Illustrated Parts Breakdown
What does JCN stand for?
Job Control Number
What does LOGREQS stand for?
Logistics Requisitions
What does LOX stand for?
Liquid Oxygen
What does MAF stand for?
Maintenance Action Form
What does MCN stand for?
Maintenance Action Form Control Number
What does MCPON stand for?
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
What does MI stand for?
Maintenance Instruction
What does MIM stand for?
Maintenance Instruction Manual
What does MMCO stand for?
Maintenance/Material Control Officer
What does MMP stand for?
Monthly Maintenance Plan
What does MO stand for?
Maintenance Officer
What does MOV stand for?
Material Obligation Validation
What does MOVEREP stand for?
Movement Reports
What does MRC stand for?
Maintenance Requirement Card
What does MSDS stand for?
Material Safety Data Sheet
What does MTIP stand for?
Maintenance Training Improvement Program
What does NALCOMIS stand for?
Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management
Information System
What does NAMP stand for?
Naval Aviation Maintenance Program
What does NAMPSOP stand for?
Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Standard Operating
What does NATO stand for?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
What does NATOPS stand for?
Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures
What does NAVOSH stand for?
Navy Occupational Safety and Health
What does NDI stand for?
Non Destructive Inspection
What does NRFI stand for?
Non-Ready for Issue
What does OFC stand for?
Operational Functional Category
What does OPREP stand for?
Operation(al) Report
What does OPTAR stand for?
Operating Target
What does ORM stand for?
Operational Risk Management
What does PMCS stand for?
Partial-Mission Capable Supply
What does PMIC stand for?
Periodic Maintenance Information Card
What does PMS stand for?
Planned Maintenance System
What does QA stand for?
Quality Assurance
What does QAR stand for?
Quality Assurance Representative
What does RF stand for?
Radio Frequency
What does SCC stand for?
Sequence Control Card
What does SECNAV stand for?
Secretary of the Navy
What does SHORECAL stand for?
Shore Consolidated Allowance List
What does SITREP stand for?
Situation Report
What does SM&R stand for?
Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability
What does SMQ stand for?
Special Maintenance Qualification
What does SORTS stand for?
Status of Requirements and Training Support
What does SSIC stand for?
Standard Subject Identification Code
What does TACAN stand for?
Tactical Airborne Navigation
What does TYCOM stand for?
Type Commander
What does WUC stand for?
Work Unit Code