Red Devil Rising 5 Case Study

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This association’s name is the Red Devil Rising 5 or Rising 5 for short. It is established according to provisions of AFI 34-223 and all applicable civil and military laws and regulations. The Rising 5 operates on Kunsan Air Base as authorized by the installation commander. We are a Type 3 private organization as described by AFI 34-223 and are not entitled to privileges afforded to non-appropriated fund instrumentalities (NAFIs).


1. The nature of our association is to enhance programs that are of key interest to personnel of the 8th Civil Engineer Squadron; specifically, enlisted members of grades E1-E5. Rising 5 goals include, but are not limited to:
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Board members will be nominated and elected by the general members and will serve a 6-month term. Board member elections will be held during June and December meetings, unless a vacancy occurs due to unforeseen circumstances such as making rank that would remove the member from E-1 through E-5, or emergency PCS. Elections to fill vacancies will be held not later than two meetings after the vacancy occurs.
4. Turnover of Board member duties and accounts will take place as early as practical following elections to prepare the incoming officers to execute their duties. Board member roles and responsibilities are further defined in the Rising 5 By-Laws.
5. Various committees will exist, as committee activities dictate. These committees will be staffed by volunteers and overseen by the appropriate Board member. These committees should form organic, cross functional groups to create and execute the desired processes.
6. The Board will recommend policies, supervise programs, approve entertainment and guest speakers, rule on membership (except as specifically provided otherwise), enforce the Rising 5 Constitution and take action to resolve grievances, complaints and suggestions presented by

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