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In community surveys, a frequent symptom of malnutrition is
low hemoglobin
What is the least common symptom in the elderly
What is included in the study of demographics?
1. age of individuals
2. population statistics
3. Sex of individuals
4. socioeconomic factors
1, 2 and 3
Athletes should receive
water during an event to replace lost fluids
How many grams of protein would you receive on a 1500 kcal diet which is 20 percent protein?
1500 x .20=300kcal/4=75 grams
A patient is on a high protein, low CHO diet, what advice should you offer?
increase fluid intake
An insulin dependent diabetic living alone calls you with symptoms of nausea, vomiting and anorexia. What do you recommend?
Continue with insulin and drink anything he can
Which infant is at the greatest risk?
20 lbs hemoglobin 10
22 lbs hemoglobin 10.5
19 lbs hemoglobin 11
30 lbs hemoglobin 9
An infant at 30 lbs with a hemoglobin of 9
An alcoholic patient has a low serum albumin, low hemoglobin, high ammonia, abnormal liver function tests and ascites. Why is he on a 500 mg sodium diet? What should he have for lunch?
Hypoalbuminemia. Should have one ounce of roast beef
Which of the following should be included in the diet for celiac disease?
1. decrease intake of eggs
2. use potato and rice flour
3. IM Vitamin B12 and iron
4. Low calorie, high fat and high protein
2 and 3
Who is most at risk for gestational diabetes?
BMI over 30, history of GSM
A child is lethargic and irritable with diarrhea. The cause may be
lead poisoning
How many calories are in 300ml of a 5% dextrose solution?
300 x .05 x3.4 = 51
A single 19 year old female is 6 months pregnant. She has not gained any weight and has not seen a physician. Hemoglobin is 9, Hematocrit is 30. What is the most important recommendation for her?
See a physician immediately
A female, 5'7 tall, weighs 115 pounds. Six months ago she weighed 130 pounds. What is her percent ideal body weight?
115/135 x 100= 85%
A vegan is allergic to milk. Which nutrients would you expect might be deficient in her intake?
Vitamin B12 and D
A patient with Chrohns disease needs the following diet...
1. low fat only with steatorrhea, vitamin C, b12
2. high calorie, high protein according to current BMI
What diet is appropriate for reactive hypoglycemia?
Reduced intake of concentrated CHO, 5-6 small meals
When assessing nutritional status, what is the most beneficial information you need?
diet intake info, clinical data, laboratory data
The first function of the public health nutritionist is...
Assess the needs of the community
What nutrients most affect the renal solute load?
Protein and sodium
The elderly need how many ml of water per KG?
According to the Diabetic exchange list, when substituting 2% milk for skim milk, you must omit how many fat exchanges?
If a man normally consuming 2600 kcal a day reduces his intake to 1500 kcal a day, how much weight will he lose in a week?
1100 x 7=7700/3500=2.2 lb or 1 kg
For what disease is diet therapy the primary treatment?
Which of the following best reflects protein status?
Following a Biliroth II, steatorrhea often results. What is the likely cause?
Lack of pancreatic secretion due to less duodenal hormone secretion
Meats and curds with whey won't be tolerated by someone with
lactose intolerance
Chemically defined formulas are used for
short bowel syndrome
A PEG feeding would be useful in a patient with
head or neck cancer who will not be able to eat normally for weeks
the additive influence of foods and constituents which when eaten have a beneficial effect on health refers to
food synergy
Which foods most likely cause an allergic reaction?
shellfish, peanuts and wheat
What set of health conditions is most commonly seen in American children?
obesity, dental caries and anemia
A 1500 kcal diabetic diet with 45% of the calories from CHO is prescribed. 1/3 of the CHO grams is met with 1/2 cup orange juice, 1 cup milk and
2 slices of toast, because on a 1500 kcal diet, need 160 g CHO and 1/3 is 56 grams, so orange juice is 15, milk is 12, 2 slices toast is 30
What is a medium fat meat?
Corned beef
Which government agency would you contact regarding food distribution?
Which has the greatest effect on the renal solute load?
Which is not a fiber in the diet?
What is the diet for hypertension?
Low sodium
The NHANES study looks at which parameters?
Nutritional, chemical and biochemical
What is a major reason for constipation in the elderly
decreased gastric motility
An 11 month old infant is at the 95th percentile weight for age and has been for the past 9 months. What should you do?
Watch his growth for the next 6 months
A 6'2 male, large frame, 230 lbs with type 2 diabetes should
lose 20 pounds slowly following a balanced diet
A patient with chronic pancreatitis should consume oral pancreatic enzymes
with all meals and snacks
If a patient is about to be discharged when you receive the discharge diet order, you should
enroll him in outpatient clinic and schedule an appointment
Following a cholycystectomy, bile is produced by the
How many calories are in 1.5 liters of a 25% dextrose solution?
1.5 x.25 x 3.4=1275
Research suggests that in order to guard against cancer you should ingest
carotene and vitamin C
Which of the following may be the cause of loose stools in a tube fed patient?
Feeding was administered at too rapid a rate or there was an inadequate amount of intestinal surface area
An elevated T4 indicates
What is a major reason for constipation in the elderly
decreased gastric motility
An 11 month old infant is at the 95th percentile weight for age and has been for the past 9 months. What should you do?
Watch his growth for the next 6 months
A 6'2 male, large frame, 230 lbs with type 2 diabetes should
lose 20 pounds slowly following a balanced diet
A patient with chronic pancreatitis should consume oral pancreatic enzymes
with all meals and snacks
If a patient is about to be discharged when you receive the discharge diet order, you should
enroll him in outpatient clinic and schedule an appointment
Following a cholycystectomy, bile is produced by the
How many calories are in 1.5 liters of a 25% dextrose solution?
1.5 x.25 x 3.4=1275
Research suggests that in order to guard against cancer you should ingest
carotene and vitamin C
Which of the following may be the cause of loose stools in a tube fed patient?
Feeding was administered at too rapid a rate or there was an inadequate amount of intestinal surface area
An elevated T4 indicates
Before discontinuing a parenteral feeding, provide enteral support to prevent
What weight gain puts pregnant women at risk?
less than 4 lbs a month in the last half of the pregnancy
Iron deficiency anemia has the following characteristics
small pale cells, hypochromic and microcytic
Which hormone moves milk thru the mammary ducts
Which anthropometric measurements are useful in assessing adults?
triceps skinfold, head circumference, arm muscle circumference
Which is a measure of somatic protein?
mid arm muscle circumference
Muscle mass is determined using the
triceps skinfold and arm circumference
Gastric irritants include
black pepper,chili powder, caffeine, alcohol and cocoa
Good advice for patients with a hiatal hernia is to
not eat before bed
The dumping syndrome
follows a gastrectomy, is secondary to CHO overload, and draws fluid into the intestine
Nutritional therapy for hepatitis includes
high protein, high CHO, moderate fat, high kcal's
Esophageal varices may be caused by
portal hypertension
The diet for hepatic coma is low in protein due to
high ammonia levels
In cystic fibrosis the most impaired nutrient is
Hormones that control blood pressure and blood components are produced in
the kidneys
An acid ash would be created by ingesting
corn, cranberries
Symptoms of nephrosis include
albuminuria, hypercholesterolemia
The catecholemines released during stress cause
Which is part of the nutritional therapy for IDDM in a lean person?
Time meals!
Increased serum uric acid may lead to
The diet for galactosemia should exclude
organ meats, MSG
The ketogenic diet is used to help treat
Immediately following a severe burn, nutritional therapy should include
fluid and electrolyte replacement
The theory of obesity that refers to receptors in the hypothalamus is the
glucostatic theory-where the hypothalamus can adapt the absorption of nutrients
The VMA test diet measures
total catecholamines
A fecal excretion of ___ grams of fat/24 hours is considered fat malabsorption
more than 7
Iatrogenic malnutrition is
protein and calorie malnutrition
What are the similarities between WIC and Food Stamps
They are both regulated by the USDA and they both have income criteria
A 60 kg female receives 2700 kcal on EN. The calorie to nitrogen ratio is 150:1. How many grams of nitrogen is she getting?
What type of food would you feed to a patient who has the athetoid form of cerebral palsy?
finger foods like a hot dog in a roll
Osteoporosis is most likely to occur in a
white female
Which is a quick diet assessment tool for a large group?
food frequency lists
Compared to human milk, commercially prepared infant formula is
higher in protein and iron but lacks antibodies
Which of the following is not associated with anorexia nervosa?
What is the appropriate advice for a person with anorexia nervosa?
Offer a wide variety of foods and frequent feedings
A female who eats a wide variety of foods and takes supplemental iron and birth control pills may be
marginally deficient in folic acid
The immobilized state can lead to low levels of
albumin and calcium
A man with a peptic ulcer should consume
a balanced diet he can tolerate
A cholesterol level of 240 mgs needs treatment first with
An infant formula for lactose intolerance might include
1. casein hydrolysate, corn oil and glucose
2. soy protein and corn syrup solids
A patient with nephrosis will likely exhibit
hypercholesterolemia, albuminemia and edema
Fiber, like that found in oats, beans and bran cereals, results in
increased water absorption from the intestine
A patient suffering from bulimia may have all the following symptoms except
extreme weight loss
The efficacy of a low sugar, low artificial flavor diet on hyperkinesis is
not scientifically proven to be effective
What is not a sign of marasmus?
Urea excretion is related to___, while creatinine excretion is related to___
Protein intake, muscle mass
A patient has a rare urea disease where the body is unable to synthesize urea, What might be the result?
Elevated glucagon levels
Which statement applies to nutritional screening?
All health team members can participate according to policy
A sandwich with two pieces of white bread and two ounces of turkey provides how many calories?
45+45 is 90, the turkey
80+80 is 160, the bread
90+160 is 250, the answer
Current research between cancer and diet includes all the following except
it is related to demographic factors
Two liters of a 5% dextrose solution provide how many calories?
200ml x .5 x 3.4=340
When instructing a patient on diet therapy needed during an intake of a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, which would not be included?
cheddar cheese and swiss cheese
Catecholamines have what physiological effect?
Fight or flight hormones, cause sodium retention
A patient with dehydration exhibits symptoms of
sunken eyes, decreased renal function increased tachycardia
Why would a man who eats very little protein have an albumin of 5.5 g/dl?
He is dehydrated
The diet for stomatitis is
avoid spices, very hot, very cold, sour, tart foods
The BMI for a woman who is 5'7 and weighs 148 pounds indicates
normal weight
Which of the following is not a guideline for Medicaid?
over the age of 60 only and nutritional need
Which survey is repeated every few years?
The year 2010 Healthy People. Goals are an outgrowth of a report by
The Surgeon General, under HHS
An example of a "Healthy People" goal is
a decrease in infant mortality (death)
When a starved patient begins to eat, they might expect
increased workload on the heart
What would be classified as NB (Nutrition Behavioral) in the NCP?
Impaired ability to prepare foods
The immediate post stress release of glucagon
increases glucose release into the bloodstream
What amount of protein and kcals is appropriate for a peritoneal dialysis diet?
1.5 grams PRO, 30 cals/KG
What is an example of a program that provides food to the needy?
The Food Bank
Which formula is high in calories and low in protein?
What is the goal of the Dietary Guidelines?
Prevention of chronic disease
If an IDDM (insulin dependent) tells you she eats meals on an irregular schedule, you should
explain that insulin therapy is related to intake
The allowance for food stamps is based on
the USDA Thrifty Food Program
A single man with two daughters, ages 10 and 11, is looking for aid. What program might provide assistance?
Food stamps
Why is an affluent couple (man with diabetes, age 67 and wife with broken arm , age 50, not eligible for Meals on Wheels?
They can still leave their home
Which is permitted on a diet which excludes gluten?
Which nutrients are involved in energy metabolism?
Pantothenic acid and biotin
Where can a pregnant teen learn to cook?
In metabolic acidosis, which of the following is involved?
Excretion of sodium bicarbonate
How can you enhance usage of commodity foods from a food donation program?
Give each participant recipes using the food items
A poor healthy 19 year old mother is unsure how to feed her 4 year old child. Which program may offer her the most help?
An athlete weighs more than the average person of his height. What should you do first?
examine other anthropometric measurements
The most effective nutrition assessment method for large groups is the
food frequency list
Which is the most appropriate bedtime snack for a diabetic on NPH insulin?
Cheese and crackers (PRO and CHO)
What can be done to lower the respiratory quotient of a tube fed pulmonary patient?
add a fat emulsion to replace some of the CHO (decrease the RQ by upping the fat intake)
What correlates best with energy intake?
Body weight
Which of the following most affects osmolarity?
Which fiber is insoluble in water?
An infant wants a bottle at bedtime. You should counsel the parents to
only give water in the bottle
A diabetic wants to exchange his bedtime snack of 8 ounces whole milk. What do you suggest?
1 ounce cheese and 1/2 cup orange juice
Which of the following might result in hypoalbuminemia?
providing only 5% dextrose in water solution after stress (not enough nourishment!)
A mother with 2 daughters, ages 8 and 11, doesn't earn enough money to feed her family. What program would you suggest?
Food stamps
What drink would a Mormon choose?
7-Up, because no caffeine
What section of the intestine is most likely to be involved in Crohns disease?
What would be classified as NC (Nutrition Clinical) in the NCP?
swallowing difficulty
An infants failure to thrive can be seen in
comparison with their growth charts
Which of the following has the fewest calories?
Plain hamburger on a bun
What indicates protein calorie malnutrition?
Triceps skinfold and arm muscle circumference of 79%
A child with AIDS needs a high calorie and ___ intake
high protein
An appropriate measurement for iron status in a local community is
Which of the following may help decrease cavities?
Which test helps you determine if a diabetic has been following his diet?
glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1C)
You discover an incorrect diet order in a patients chart...
discuss the order with the physician and make suggestions.
Which is the best therapy for weight loss?
exercise, diet, behavior modification
Which is most associated with the incidence of Type2 diabetes?
According to the ADA exchange lists, what is the nutrient content of the following...1 cup cantelope, 1/2 cup cereal, 1 cup 1% milk, 1 tsp margarine, 1 tsp low sugar jelly, black coffee, 1 slice toast...
365 kcal, 12 g PRO, 57 g CHO, 7 g FAT...this is easiest to figure out by looking at the CHO first!
Iron status is monitored by
dietary and lab studies
Which bacteria may cause gastric ulcers?
Helicobacter pylori
The appropriate diet therapy following a Biliroth II is
decrease simple CHO, high PRO, moderate fat and b12 supplements
Which of the following diseases may lead to anemia?
renal failure
To learn about prenatal problems in the community, go to
Which best applies to nutritional screening?
should include nutritional parameters
When using anthropometric measurements, the most important factor is
competence of the practitioner and calibration
A pork chop is which type of meat exchange?
What should most be encouraged in a headstart program?
nutrition activities related to food
Medicaid benefits apply to
low income individuals
The symbol U on a food label indicates
it is a Kosher designation
Congregate meals and home delivered meals fall under
Older Americans Act, Title III
Which is most characteristic of marasmus?
Severe fat and muscle wasting
The status of pancreatic juice and bile could result in
autodigestion, fat malabsorption and obstructive jaundice
A side effect of antidepressants is
excess weight gain
What would you recommend to a Mexican American on a low fat diet?
Beans and rice
Hypertension will decrease with a decrease in
What medication is affected by serum sodium levels?
A child has been measured several times before the age of two years. Results of the measurements were not accurate because the child was measured
standing up
What is not a governmental agency?
American Heart Association
Low levels of folate, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin are associated with
homocystinurias, cannot process certain protein blocks
A patient with low hemoglobin and low MCV might have
microcytic anemia
According to the Diabetic exchanges, 2 T peanut butter is
a high fat meat
After a gastrectomy, the diet order should indicate a decrease in
Children and adolescents need what level of physical activity?
60 minutes every day
What meal provides 60 grams CHO?
1 English muffin. 1 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup apple juice
The Prader Willi syndrome is associated with
Which of the following is permitted on a diet restricting tyramine?
uncured cheese like cottage and ricotta
What does a fecal fat of 12 grams indicate?
Severe fat malabsorption
If a patient has a biochemical block in the formation of urea, what will accumulate in his blood?
The main goal for a type 2 obese diabetic with persistent hyperglycemia is
control of serum glucose levels
Who is the most appropriate candidate for parenteral nutrition?
A middle aged woman who will begin chemotherapy
When counseling an anorexic, the best advice is to
be flexible and help them choose reasonable goals
WIC encourages women with babies to
breast feed
In reviewing the patients medical record, you note a hemoglobin of 10g/dL and an MCV of 110 cu mm. You should document
anemia with larger than normal erythrocytes
For what disease would a low sodium diet be recommended?
Ascites, because blood cannot leave the liver
Patient needs a 2000 kcal, 2 g Na feeding. What is the best formula?
1 cal/cc, 1g Na/liter
A 75 year old female with adequate income would benefit from
congregate meals (communal meals)
Which can be included in a meal for gluten induced enteropathy?
Potatoes with butter
Phytochemicals, which may influence the development of tumors, are found in
fruits, vegetables and grains
Which diet is restricted in CHO?
Reactive hypoglycemia
Compared to whole milk, breast milk is
lower in PRO, higher in CHO and FAT
A person with dumping syndrome cannot handle
What is the appropriate diet for heart failure?
Low sodium
How many kcal's are provided in 1.5 liters of D25W?
150 x .25 x 3.4= 1275
A homeless patient who is deficient in all nutrients is to be discharged, what organization may help?
social workers group
Why might a child with PKU have an increased incidence of dental caries?
the diet is high in CHO, and low in PRO
Trauma can place the patient in
hypermetabolic state
A patient who had an ileal resection is placed on a tube feeding and begins to have diarrhea. This may be due to
use of a hypertonic formula
Which is restricted in a diet for hepatic encephalopathy?
Protein, sodium and fluid
How many non protein calories are provided by 2 liters of a 7% Aminosyn solution and 1 liter of 10% dextrose in water?
1000 x .10 x 3.4=340 NON PROTEIN
When should you provide nutrition counseling to an AIDS patient?
Immediately upon diagnosis
Medicare is for
the elderly
What best measures excess calorie reserves
triceps skinfold
Why may a patient with ascites be dehydrated?
Fluid has moved to interstitial spaces (when it can't get out this is where it goes)
Which of the following is equivalent to a very lean meat exchange?
1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese
What is a common complication of AIDS?
A post surgical patient with prolonged ileum should be treated with
parenteral nutrition
A common result of treating an AIDS patient with zidovudine is
macrocytic anemia
A 140 pound female on dialysis should have how many grams of protein?
An obese person with type 2 diabetes should
achieve DBW
A tube fed patient receiving bolus feedings develops a distended abdomen. What should you recommend?
decrease the rate
What food is highest in fiber?
cooked dried beans
Which of the following is lowest in fat?
1. hamburger
2. salami
3. goat cheese
4. canadian bacon
canadian bacon
Which is true with osteoporosis?
Common in those age 65 or older
Open tube feedings should be disposed of after
24 hours
What is a guide for calculating water needs with tube feedings?
1cc water/1.0 kcal
Following a colectomy, the absorption of which of the following would be of the most concern?
water and sodium
According to diabetic exchange lists, which of the following is equivalent to one medium fat meat?
4 ounces of tofu
A long term care patient has normal intestinal function but cannot eat. What tube feeding should you provide?
isotonic, lactose free formula (similar osmolality to human body fluid)
Which food should someone on an MAOI not eat?
If you have lactose intolerance, which food could you most likely tolerate?
The normal range for hemoglobin A1C is
If a diabetic person reduces his caloric intake from 2300 to 1800 calories a day, how much will be lost in a month?
4 pounds, 500 kcal a day=1 lb a week
A spastic quadripalegic requires
fewer kcals, increased fluids and fiber
An athlete complains of weakness, rapid weight gain and muscle spasms, what may be the cause?
CHO loading
Who is most at risk from protein calorie malnutrition?
A cancer patient on chemotherapy
Patients with decubitus ulcers will likely demonstrate low
serum albumin
NHANES III increased the number of participants in which age group?
What type of anemia is likely to be seen in a patient with arthritis?
microcytic, hypochromic
A TPN solution is to be delivered at 50 mL per hour at 3/4 strength, what is the appropriate order?
900mL formula, 300 mL water
50x 24=1200 mL/day
1200 x .75(3/4)=900mL formula, so 300 left for water
Determine the caloric contribution of CHO from the following parenteral formula. The amounts stated are given per liter. 300 mL 60% dextrose, 500 mL 10% amino acids, 200 mL 20% lipid, total nutrient mixture administered at 65 ml/hr for 24 hours
612 kcal CHO
624 kcal FAT
312 kcal PRO
How much free water is in 1.5 liters of an enteral feeding that has 1.5 kcal per cc?
1.5 x 77= 1.155 x 1000=1155cc
A patient receives 4 ounces of whole milk and 6 graham crackers as a snack. Which of the following substitutes will lower the glycemic index?
1 T peanut butter in place of 3 graham crackers...more satisfying fat and pro to slow insulin rush
Which will cause the most delay in gastric emptying?
corned beef
If a patients GFR is less than 50 mL/minute, what should their protein intake be? (in g/kg)
A 2 year old child with iron deficiency anemia has anorexia, vomiting, wt loss and restlessness, look for
pica and lead poisoning
Mr Jones has heart failure but no CAD or increased CHD risk. His nutritional prescription should be
2 gram sodium diet
Creatine supplements may be beneficial for a
body builder
Acidic chyme in the duodenum is neutralized by pancreatic
Milk is packaged in opaque containers to avoid UV destruction of
Which program teaches good nutrition practices and provides foods with certain nutrients?
A PN patient is receiving 45 calories/kg. What may be the result?
A tube fed patient develops diarrhea. What is most likely cause
You are assessing a 4'11 female patient who weighs 160 lbs. She has HTN, high chol and diabetes. What do you recommend?
low kcal
A pt with liver disease needs adjustments in the intake of
protein, fluids and sodium
The data that is the most useful in evaluating children is
energy intake and health history
Which survey is conducted every 10 years
USDA Food consumption survey
Goals for a community nutrition program should be based on
the Dietary guidelines for americans
The essential amino acid tryptophan is most closely related to
Memory loss may be associated with a deficiency of
Which of the following would lower serum cholesterol levels?
Dried beans
In a TPN mixture, what volume of the amino acid solutions listed would come close to providing 185 kcal's?
850 mL of 5.5% amino acids
85 x .55 x 4=187
Enteral feeding products that contain protein in the form of small peptides and amino acids are recommended for patients who have
short bowel syndrome
A nutritional care plan for overweight children should include
reduce rate of body weight gain while allowing growth
Renal patient has come for dialysis on Monday morning with serum sodium of 130 mEq/L, BUN of 100 mg/dl, creatinine of 8.0 and a 4 kg weight gain since his last dialysis on Friday morning. Lab indicators were in acceptable ranges on Friday afternoon...what would you expect happened over the weekend?
too much sodium, water and protein
decreased bicarbonate, increased potassium and phosphorus
A nutrition surveillance program is designed primarily to
identify the nutritional needs of a population
A standing height should first be obtained when an infant is how many months old?
When given as the sole source of energy, isocaloric amounts of which energy substrate would most effectively reduce starvation ketosis?
For the past two months, a man who is 6 feet tall has been nauseated and anorexic and has consumed less than 500 kcal's a day, mostly from sweet foods. His albumin level of 5.0 most likely reflects
increase in albumin due to dehydration
A dietary deficiency of which of the following causes a macrocytic anemia resembling pernicious anemia
A PN regimen that contains 1 L of D50W and 1 L of Aminosyn provides how many non protein calories?
1000 x .5 x 3.4=1700
Who has the greatest water, protein and kcal needs per unit of body wt?
6 month old infant
What is the best approach for controlling obesity in an otherwise healthy 10 year old girl?
Maintenance of weight during continued growth
A woman who is 5'5 tall and weighs 190 pre pregnancy and gains 30 lbs in the beginning of her second trimester, advise her to
gain weight at a decreased rate
The effectiveness of a group education program for decreasing the number of anemic pregnant women enrolled in a community nutrition program is best indicated by
increase in hematocrit or hemoglobin levels
What would a vegan not eat?
congealed fruit salad
Which contains the most total dietary fiber?
1 ounce raisin bran cereal
What change should be made in the following menu if it is to be served to Seventh Day adventists? Tomato juice, cottage cheese, fruit plate, or egg salad sandwich, milk, coffee, tea
offer decaffeinated beverages
The best way to counsel a patient with anorexia nervosa is to
emphasize the health benefits associated with wt gain and increased kcal intake
Which is the primary fuel used by resting muscle and at low intensity exercise?
Fatty acids
In which of the following would you likely see very low albumin if it is drawn a few days after admission to an acute care facility?
30% full thickness burn
When measuring a childs somatic protein mass, in addition to the BMI, use
upper arm muscle area
An AIDS patient should select the following fruit
Orange, pineapple or banana (skins all on!)
Asian, Hispanic and Native Americans have the following in common
they consume little milk
Your patient is on Coumadin. Which foods would you make sure you consistently include in their diet
spinach and collard greens
If a child is at 95th percentile for wt and after one month drops to 10th percentile, what does it likely signify?
error in measurement
If a child presents at 65th percent height for age what does this signify?
In acute hepatitis, you would likely see
increase in SGOT and SGPT
In severe cirrhosis with ascites, diet therapy would be
restrict sodium
An AIDS patient's temperature has risen to 102 degrees, his BMR has increased
24%,7% for each degree increase
A patient on a clear liquid diet should not be served
vegetable stock
An athlete needs 4000 kcal. The cornflakes nutrient label says that one serving provides 25% of the RDA for CHO. How many servings of cornflakes does he need to get his 25%
A middle income female needs support for breast feeding, what group will help?
What elements of the diet vary the most in hepatic disease
sodium, fluid and protein
What is the most effective tool for providing nutrition education to the community?
My Pyramid
What should a Jewish patient include in his diet to increase the intake of zinc?
A 7 year old on a ketogenic diet requires1500 kcal's. What is the appropriate diet order?
145 g fat, 25 g pro, 25 g cho
A new patient with a BMI of 32 and hypertension comes to you for counseling. What is your first recommendation?
Reduce sodium intake
A female has a 36 inch waist and a 40" hip. She is at risk for
heart disease
A vegan with macrocytic anemia needs which of the following
fortified soy milk
A patient with a GFR of 20mL/min should receive how many grams of protein/kg?
A patient is recovering form an ileocecal resection, where 100 cm was removed. What are your recommendations?
parenteral vitamin b12, increase fluids and protein
A patient on Lithium decreases his sodium intake to 2 grams a day, the effect will be
enhanced activity of the drug
In the dietary guidelines, what represents the fat included
20-35% calories, less than 10 percent saturated fat
Which of the following would likely be a cause of marasmus
A patient with short bowel syndrome will likely receive as initial nutrition therapy
parenteral nutrition
A tube feeding ran from 7p till 6a, providing 1800 kcal, at 1.6 cal/cc, how many cc/hour were given?
100x 1.6 x 11=1760
A patient on parenteral support develops sepsis. What is the likely cause?
Bacterial translocation
How long should a new mother breast feed?
At least 12 months
The most important prenatal supplement is
folic acid
A patient has been hospitalized for 17 days with multiple injuries following an accident. When should the discharge plan begin?
On the first day of admission
What is not likely a cause of failure to thrive in a child?
A vegetarian diet
A child with PKU can eat
carrots and celery sticks
A child has been identified as being at high risk for food allergies, which foods would the child avoid?
peanut butter and milk
Which of the following would be classified as NI in the NCP?
increased energy expenditure
Which of the following would be appropriate for a hemodialysis patient on a 60 gram protein diet, with 75% from HBV protein?
need 45 grams
1 egg, 3 ounces chicken, 2 cups milk, 5 slices of bread
Who resolves differences in bills of the house and the senate?
Joint conference committee of the House and the Senate
Which bill requests govt funding?
appropriations bill
Infuse a peripheral solution at a maximum rate of how many mOsm/L?
A father needs help in feeding his children, ages 6 and 8. Which are the best options?
Food Stamps and School Lunch
What would be an expected outcome of WIC?
Less anemia, increased HG and HT levels
Food staff from a Commodity Distribution program are not allowed to bring foods to a Jewish facility. What is the main reason for this?
Kosher foods are not allowed to be mixed with non kosher foods
A teenager was brought to the hospital with CVA and dysphagia
request a swallow test
The immune system reacts to foods that are normally harmless. This is
an immunoglobulin E (IgE) mediated reaction
Which level of HbA1c suggests good compliance with dietary recommendations in a diabetic after 3 months of counseling?
6.5 mg/dl
A hospitalized patient who had not eaten well for two weeks had a 2.3 serum phosphorus level and a 1.3 serum magnesium level. He has
hypophosphatemia, hypomagnesemia
Which of the following self assessment tools would be given to clients prior to screening at a congregate meal site?
DETERMINE checklist
A Crohns patient who was previously well nourished has a fever and ileum 7 days PO. Which feeding method should you recommend?
peripheral IV infusion
A clinical dietitian has successfully met an indicator for 6 months. The next step is to
evaluate the need to continue monitoring the indicator
A nephrotic syndrome patient with edema has a serum albumin level that continues to fall. Recognize that
protein is being lost in the urine
Intervention by a dietitian conducting nutrition assessment is best determined by
results of nutrition screening
The best way to justify continuation of WIC would be to show improvement in
the infant morbidity rate (disease)
A patient with severe acute pancreatitis experiences nausea and vomiting and requires 2500 kcal/day. Which of the following would you recommend?
1000cc of D50W, 1000cc of 7% amino acids, 500cc of 10% lipids
Roman Catholic dietary laws state that fish is
to be served on Ash Wednesday and Fridays during Lent
A normal pregnancy requires supplementation of
iron and folic acid
You have determined that an infant should take 340 calories/24 hours.How many ounces of milk should be given to the baby every 6 hours?
340/20(kcal in one ounce of breast milk, formula etc)=17
17/4(if the baby eats every 6 hours and there is 24 hours in a day...that makes 4 feedings)=4.25
Which of the following self assessment tools would be given to clients prior to screening at a congregate meal site?
DETERMINE checklist
A Crohns patient who was previously well nourished has a fever and ileum 7 days PO. Which feeding method should you recommend?
peripheral IV infusion
A clinical dietitian has successfully met an indicator for 6 months. The next step is to
evaluate the need to continue monitoring the indicator
A nephrotic syndrome patient with edema has a serum albumin level that continues to fall. Recognize that
protein is being lost in the urine
Intervention by a dietitian conducting nutrition assessment is best determined by
results of nutrition screening
The best way to justify continuation of WIC would be to show improvement in
the infant morbidity rate (disease)
A patient with severe acute pancreatitis experiences nausea and vomiting and requires 2500 kcal/day. Which of the following would you recommend?
1000cc of D50W, 1000cc of 7% amino acids, 500cc of 10% lipids
Roman Catholic dietary laws state that fish is
to be served on Ash Wednesday and Fridays during Lent
A normal pregnancy requires supplementation of
iron and folic acid
Which condition benefits from the use of indirect calorimetry
patient with third degree burns
A Rabbi is admitted to the hospital. What question will he ask the dietitian?
What is the mixture of the foods in the combo dishes
What statements about cows milk are true?
It is high in protein, it creates a high solute load and it is low in iron and vitamin C.
A patient on parenteral nutrition is to be transitioned to enteral feeding. He should receive
full strength enteral feeding at a low rate
A patient on a full liquid diet should not receive
strained cereal
What is the best practical way to measure energy balance?
Evaluate weight gain and weight loss
Infants should be given solid foods at
5-8 months
Iron preparations should be taken
with meals
An appropriate menu for a Kosher meal is
macaroni and cheese, green beans
A hispanic woman needs more calcium in her diet, what do you recommend?
Pinto beans
Which of the following would a lacto ovo vegetarian not eat?
What provides the most vitamin A for a Mexican?
cantelope and squash
What snack would you not give to an infant?
Which hormone is involved in developing the placenta
Which supplements should you give to a breast fed baby?
Vitamin D and fluoride
Which is the most useful for evaluating under and over nutrition?
Weight for age
A child is below the 5th percentile weight for height, what can be said about the child?
It is an indication of recent under nutrition
What would you first advise a constipated patient to do?
Increase fluids and fiber intake
A patient with dysphagia waiting for a swallow test may receive
thick liquids
What is normal weight gain during the first trimester
2-5 lbs
The breast fed infant is drinking primarily colostrum for
the first few days
Which of the following items is appropriate for a Muslim diet?
Salad with Bacos
What would a vegan not eat?
congealed fruit salad
What is lacking in the traditional diet for Asians living in America?
What indicates stunted growth?
Height for age
A patient comes to you with a diet that you know is not good to follow. What should you tell him to do?
Explain why it is not good
Which hormone regulated breast milk production?
How many grams does a low birth weight infant weigh?
less than 2500 grams or 5.5 pounds
An 18 month old child should receive ___ milk
Which of the following is true about SGOT?
increased with hepatitis, decreased with diabetes
What is the best way to increase attendance at a nutrition seminar for dentists?
Have it sponsored by a dental organization
As a public health nutritionist, you notice an increase in the percentage of obese hispanic females in the community. What is the best way to educate them?
have a cooking class that they can participate in the cooking and eat the food they prepare
A 5 month old baby has changed from the 65th to the 95th percentile weight for height. The dietitian should first
check to see if wts have been plotted properly.
What would you do to decrease fat intake for a Hispanic?
change beans from refried to boiled
When is breastfeeding contradicted?
when the mother has AIDS
Which test measures somatic protein
creatinine clearance, serum creatinine
Expected creatinine clearance is estimated from the clients
How much water does an athlete need if they have lost 2 pounds during a marathon?
32 ounces
High doses of which vitamin will interfere with Levodopa
Levodopa is used in the treatment of
Parkinsons disease
Quickly stopping a 25% dextrose solution leads to
Infants born to mothers with diabetes may be
larger than normal and have hypoglycemia shortly after birth
The mother of an infant who weighed 4.5 kg at birth and was hypoglycemic may have had
gestational diabetes
What is the most impt advice to give a patient with a peptic ulcer?
abstain from spicy food
A tube fed patient develops diarrhea. What needs to be done first?
Review the osmolality of the feeding
A patient admitted to the ICU is diagnosed with HIV and progressive infection. Which nutrients would be helpful?
Phosphorus and zinc
A young girl who is HIV positive with Karposis sarcoma tells you she would like to take Vitamin C supplements. What should you tell her?
Ask her to keep a food diary to see where she is lacking
Why would you add bicarbonate to a solution for a person with hyperkalemia?
It exchanges hydrogen for potassium
A patient with Parkinsons disease on Levodopa should
minimize protein at breakfast and lunch and add it to the evening meal
Which would you recommend for a patient with mild dysphagia?
Four patients are admitted to your service. Who would you address first?
Patient with gastric distress
Lactic acid is a result of
anaerobic glycolysis
When counseling a diabetic with limited education, which would be the most appropriate question to ask in assessing her comprehension level?
Name a food that is a fat
Based on DRGs, Medicare reimbursement depends on
age of patient and primary diagnosis
A patient is diagnosed with iatrogenic malnutrition. Nutritional therapy should be
high calorie, high protein
Within 2-3 hours of continuous exercise at 60-80% maximum
muscle glycogen is depleted
To maintain hydration during continuous endurance physical activity of 4 hours, consume
fluid, CHO and sodium
The test that measures toxic levels of lead on heme synthesis is the
free erythrocyte protopophyrin test
Nutrition intervention with Alzheimers disease should include
offer one food at a time, avoid distractions
Anasarca is extreme generalized edema and swelling of the skin associated with
heart, liver or renal failure
Glucophage (metformin) functions by
enhances insulin action
An 11 month old is constipated. The most likely nutrition diagnosis would be
inadequate fluid intake
A client who primarily consumes frozen dinners and breakfast cereal due to limited access to transportation most likely would have a nutrition diagnosis of
impaired ability to prepare meals
A patient complains of abdominal distention, mouth lesions and a 10% wt loss over the past 6 months. The nutrition diagnosis would be
impaired nutrient utilization
A cancer patient receiving radiation therapy to the head and neck presents with weight loss. The nutrition diagnosis would be
swallowing difficulty
When working with patients who have food allergies in a pediatric GI clinic, which of the following outcomes should be measured?
reduction of food related reactions among patients
Which of the following is an achievable outcome for a weight loss program?
reduce by 10% the number of obese adults, ages 25-49, within 2 years of starting the program
A child with cystic fibrosis has had a recent weight loss and several large foul smelling stools each day for the past 2 months. To evaluate the situation, the first step should be to assess her
compliance with PERT
A patient with diabetes has not eaten for more than 3 days. You should
liberalize the diet
Which of the following about nutrition screening is true in a hospital?
it provides direction for patient care
A child has chronic non specific diarrhea without malabsorption. An increased intake of what may be the cause?
A strict Muslim would NOT consume
fruited gelatin, shrimp or ham
With a CHO to insulin ratio of 16:1, how much insulin is needed with this meal? 1 and 1/3 c spaghetti, 1 c spaghetti sauce, 1 c green beans, 1 slice bread, 1 tsp butter, 1/2 c ice cream
10-15 =1 unit, so 8 units
A newly diagnosed diabetic needs 2200 calories, 50% from CHO. How many CHO choices can he have at each meal if he has 3 snacks with 2 CHO choices each?
Which of the following outcomes would best indicate parental support of a child's weight loss effort in a program for obese pre-teen children?
Enroll child in physical activity programs
A 9 month old infant being fed iron fortified, milk based formula is obese. You should recommend
monitoring weight and intake
A patient on warfarin should avoid
black cohosh, its a blood thinner
The best way for you to follow up on a patients application of diet instruction provided is to
evaluate his food diary for one week
A family receiving food stamps often runs out of food by the middle of the month. Obtain an emergency food voucher for them and refer them to
A 35 year old female with type one diabetes received nutrition counseling and started NPH therapy one month ago. Today her fasting blood glucose level is 290 mg/dl and cholesterol level is 185 mg/dl. She eats one meal per day. Which do you need to address first?
Instruction about the relationship of diet to blood glucose level
Which of the following would provide the most useful data when conducting nutrition screening on preschool children at a health fair?
weight for stature
Which of the following nutrition diagnoses is most likely to be associated with cyclosporine therapy?
An infant with milk hypersensitivity could safely consume
a casein hydrolysate formula
Which of the following is included in a subjective global assessment?
Dietary intake
Southeast Asian populations would likely consume the following foods
rice, veggies and small amounts of meat
An elderly obese patient has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Which of the following is an appropriate nutrition diagnosis?
Elevated serum triglycerides
An indication for use of a protein hydrolysate infant formula is
protein hypersensitivity
An appropriate source of folate for a female from Central America is
black beans