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State the reasons for an air system to divert

Short of fuel or U/S

Hazardous weather en-route

Weather at destination below pilots limits

Runway at destination obstructed (Airfield BLACK)

Landing Aids at destination U/S

Destination aerodrome closed

Administrative or Operational Reasons


On whose authority can an Air System divert?

The operating Authority


The Air System Captain

State the parameters for a Pre-selected Diversion

Any suitable airfield (military or civilian) can be used as a diversion

Booking of pre-selected diversions is done before flying commences

A designated ops officer/pilot will select the diversion for the day

What 4 pieces of information need to be ascertained in order to book a diversion?

What station

No. of Air Systems per quarter

What type of Air System

Times from - to


RAF Coningsby

4/4, MIXED, From 0800-1700

State what MEDA stands for and state the equipment provided

Military Emergency Diversion Aerodrome

Equipped for:


Emergency Services

Minimum runway length of 7000ft

A cable arresting system is desirable

State the 8 pieces of information for an Actual Diversion

Call Sign



Departure Aerodrome

Intended Destination Aerodrome

Reason for diversion


Any other complications e.g. DAC, AEROMED, VIP

Upon Actual Diversion landing what two agencies must be contacted?

Departure Aerodrome

Intended destination Aerodrome

When is a fixed wing air system overdue?

When late reporting:

ETA Radar entry point or other specified terminal calling point

ETA Overhead

ETA Landing

When is a rotary Air System considered overdue?

Flights over water:

At the end of its notified endurance

Flights over land:

One hour after the end of its notified endurance

State Overdue Action

Confirm the Air System's Data

Check the movements board

Check the departure Aerodrome if relevant

Check with ATC

State Overdue Action for ATC

Check all likely frequencies the Air System could be using

Check with other controllers

Check wit nearby Aerodromes

If this fails, D&D will be informed

State Overdue Actions for D&D

Make every effort to trace the missing Air System

If unsuccessful, AIS (Mil) and the ARCC will be informed

If the Air System is traced, overdue action will be cancelled and all concerned will be notified