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Define détente.

an easing of tension or strained relations

Give the 4 main events which caused tension between the USSR and the USA.

Berlin Blockade

Korean War

Cuban Missile Crisis

Vietnam War

In terms of nuclear weapons, give 3 reasons why there was détente in the early 1970s.

Cuban Missile Crisis pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war

increased opposition to nuclear weapons and other countries were developing nuclear weapons

Soviet economy struggling to cope with huge cost of matching the USA's nuclear weapons spending

In terms of world affairs, give 2 reasons why there was détente in the early 1970s.

USSR and China no longer on friendly terms and both desired trade with the West

USA was keen to withdraw from Vietnam and needed the support of the USSR and China

When was SALT I discussed?

1969 - 1972

What 3 things were decided in SALT I?

limits set on the amount of weapons both super powers could have

agreement to stop producing strategic ballistic missiles

submarines carrying nuclear weapons could only be used once existing stocks of ICBM ran out

What does ICBM stand for?

intercontinental ballistic missiles

What was the impact/significance of SALT I on the USSR and USA's relationship?

first agreement between USSR and USA that limited the number of nuclear weapons they had

When was SALT II discussed?

1974 - June 1979

When did the SALT II agreement last to?


What 4 things were decided in SALT II?

limit on nuclear technology

cut down the number of strategic nuclear delivery vehicles to 2400 each

1320 limit om MIRV (multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle) systems for each side

ban on construction of new land-based ICBM launchers

What significance did SALT II have on USSR and USA's relationship?

abandoned before it had any effect because Soviets invaded Afghanistan

When were the Helsinki Agreements?


What were the three key areas (baskets) in the Helsinki Agreements?


human rights


Why were the Helsinki agreements significant to the USSR and USA's relationship?

closer political agreements between countries

increased understanding and confidence between countries

When did the Apollo-Soyuz mission happen?


What happened in the Apollo-Soyuz mission?

beginning of superpower cooperation in space

joint space mission

Give 3 reasons for improved relations between the USA and China.

worsened relations between USSR and China for USA to exploit

end the war in Vietnam

USA lifted 21 year old trade embargo with China on 14 April 1971

What was ping-pong diplomacy?

American team formally invited by China to play ping-pong against them in China

What 6 things caused improved relations between China and the USA?

Nixon says he wants to visit China in 1971.

USSR and China had fallen out.

Chinese ping-pong team invite US team.

US embargo on China lifted, April 1971

UN accept China's membership, Oct 1971

Nixon visits China, 1972