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Document A~ Samurai and knights

Samurai - Warriors who owed loyalty and military service to daimyos for land or regular payment.
Knight- Warriors who owed loyalty and miltary service to lord for land.
Samurai and Knights both owed loyalty and military service to a higher power for payment in return.
Document A~ Daimyos and Lords

Daimyos- Fudal lords who often fought each other.
Lords- received land from king and owed military service.
Daimyos and Lords both fought often in the Military.
Document C~ Training


"The rigorous training (of samurai)... began in childhood..."


"A prospective Knight's training [began at age four or five] ... "
Samurai and Knights both began their training to become a warrior at a young age in their childhood.
Document D~ Armor

" .. When it became wet, the dilk cords absorbed water and became very heavy. "

"..Armor could weigh 40 to 60 pounds"
Both Samurai and Knights had atleast one disadvantage involving their armor.
Document E - Codes


" .. Loyal service to his master .. "


" .. to be loyal to the king .. "
Samurai and Knight's codes both state that they must be loyal to their master of higher power.
Document E~ Honor


" ... themselves worthy of knightly honour by strong, brave, courteous, loyal bearing ... "


" Within his heart he keeps the way of peace, but without he keeps his weapons ready for use. "
Both of the warriors must be honorable to their leaders.