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true or false: the concept of core societal vales (CSV) is based on the assumption that members of a culture tend to have different values and world views even though they belong to the same culture


True or false: people who are highly ethnocentric believe that consumer should be more global in their purchasing activities and buy products from different countries


True or false: glocalization represents the idea that the marketing strategy may be local but the implementation of that strategy at the marketing tactics level should be global.


What represents the commonly held societal gratifying within a specific society?

Consumer culture

penalties associated with performing a nongratifying or culturally inconsistent behavior are known as cultural...


the specific expectations that are associated with each type of person are referred to as ...

role expectations

the physical characteristics that describe the physical environment and habitat of a particular place are known as...

ecological factors

in the core societal values (CSV) dimension, the extent to which people expect each other to take responsibilty for themselves and their immediate family is referred to as ...


what represents the way a person learns his or her native culture?


the french believe that their wine is superior to wine produced elsewhere in the world. This is an example of consumer...


True or false: divergence refers to the phenomenon in which consumers choose membership in micro-cultures in an effort to stand out or define themselves from the crowd.


True or false: the baby boomers were born prior to 1928


True or false: income is a recognizable determinant of social class.


a group of people who share similar values and tastes that are subsumed within a larger culture is defined as...`


the phenomenon is which consumers often choose membership in microcultures in an effort to stand out or define themselves from the crowd is called..


southerners are distinguished from others by their hospitality as well as their love for tradition. this is an example of difference based on ...

regional micro-cultures

traditional advertisements for cookware have always focused on appealing to women consumers. Such advertisements make use of consumer differences arising out of micro-cultures based on different..

sex roles

a group of people who have lived the same major experiences in their lives with the experiences shaping their core values i referred to as ...

a cohort

consumer born between 1965 and 1980 long thought to be a group that was marked by alienation and cynicism, belong to the...

Generation X

What term is used to describe immigrants as they face decisions and form preferences based on their old or new cultures?


True or false: the term temporal factor refers to situational characteristics related to time


True or false: time pressure shapes the value consumers perceive in products by influencing both quality and price perceptions.


True or false: seasonality refers to regularly occurring conditions that vary with the time of year


True or False: circadian cycle refers to the rhythm of seasons that varies with the time of year


True or false: epistemic shopping includes activities oriented toward a specific, intended purchase(s).


True or false: experimental shopping involved recreationally oriented activities designed to provide interest, excitement, relaxation, fun, or some other desired feeling.


True or False: outshopping is a term used to refer to consumers who are shopping in a city or town they must travel to rather than in their own hometown.


enduring characteristics of neither a particular consumer nor a product or brand are known as...


What represents an urgency to act based on some real or self-imposed deadline?

time pressure

the practice of running advertisements primarily at times when customers will be most receptive to the message is known as...


what types of shopping is characterized by activities oriented toward acquiring knowledge about the product?

epistemic shopping

what type of shopping is characterized by activities oriented toward a specific, intended purchase or purchases?

acquisitional shopping

what type of shopping is characterized by recreationally oriented activities designed to provide interest, excitement, relaxation, fun, social interaction, or some other desired feeling?

experiential shopping

when melanie went to a mall to buy a bday gift for her brohter, she ended up buying a new pair of eyewear for herself. She had no intention of buying them as she already owns a few pairs. however she could not resist herself as they were on sale. This is an example of...

impulsive shopping

True or False: the basic consumer behavior consumption process revolves around value-seeking activities that consumers perform as they go about satisfying needs.


true or false: consumer decision can seldom be analyzed from a combination of decision making perspectives.


True or false: the rational decision making perspective centers on the assumption that human beings are rational creatures who carefully consider their decisions and that they can identify the expected value associated with a purchase.


true or false: situational factors influence the amount of search that takes place


when carl, a cuba, migrated to england, he realized he had no suitable clothes for the winter. carl felt that he required some warm clothes to brace himself for the english winter. what activity in the decision making process represents this perceived requirement?

need recognition

what decision making perspectives assumes that consumers diligently gather informatino about purchases, carefully compare various brands of products on salient attributes, and make informed decisions regarding what brand to buy

rational decision making perspective.

true or false: the basic consumer behavior consumption process revolves around value seeking activities that consumers perform as they go about satisfying needs


true or false: the activities found in the decision making process are referred to as steps because consumers proceed through the activities in a sequential fashion


true or false: decision making processes always involve a tangible product


true or false: experiential decisions processes often focus on utilitarian value


true or false: retailers use the "brand-lift-index- to measure the incremental sales that occur when a product is on display


true or false: consumers engage in extended decision making when they put off the decision making for a later time and restrain themselves from getting involved with the product in consideration.


true or false: limited decision making usually occurs when there are relatively low amounts or purchase risk and product involvement


True or false: consumers search behavior refers to the behaviors that consumers engage in as they seek information that can be used to satisfy needs


True or False: information overload refers to the situation in which consumers are presented with so much information that they cannot assimilate it all.


when carl decided to migrate to england, he was preoccupied with looking up on the internet for data on accommodation. he also talked with his friends and relatives in england on available options for stay on his arrival. What decision making process best represents carls preoccupation?

search for information

when carl arrived in england, he compared four different options for accommodation, keeping in mind the budget as well as the neighborhood culture that would suit him. What decision making process best represents carls comparison?

evaluation of alternatives

when carl migrated to england, he diceded to stay in a cottage in goodwood leicester even though he had the option of staying in a better place. he opted to stay in goodwood as the rent was reasonable and the neighborhood culture suited him well. What decision making process best represents carls decision to stay in goodwood?


it has been a month since carl moved into a new apartment in leicester. he spent most of his life savings on purchasing the apartment. He now considers his decision and feels that he has made the right selection in terms of the amount of money spent and the value received on the purchase. what decision making process best represents carls consideration of his decision?

postchoice evaluation

Greg is considering the purchase of a new truck. he wants to purchase the best one within his budget. he searches the internet, asks friends, and visits dealerships to learn more about different brands to help him in his decision. what decision making perspectives would best describe greg's decision making process?

rational decision making perspective

negative emotions that come from failed search processes are referred to as search...


true or false: underlying attributes are visually apparent and easily recognizable


true or false: a consumer looking for a particular color while buying a dress is concerned with the underlying attribute of the dress


true or false: perceptual attributes are sometimes referred to as search qualities because they can easily be evaluated prior to actual purchase


true or false: underlying attributes can only be learned through experience with the product