Shopping Therapy Research Paper

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Survey reports
Researchers found that shopping makes a person feel more in control of life and an effective way to minimize sadness. It helps a person feel more in control of their environment.
Consumers have been urged to satisfy their desire to keep up-to-date of the latest fashion by simply browsing in store and window shopping. Shopping had been motivated by a desire to repair mood. Retail therapy is shopping with the main purpose of improving the buyer's mood or disposition.
In the pre-shopping stage, all dimensions of negative moods (i.e., stress, dejec tion, anger) lead to therapy shopping. Improvement of mood stemmed from imagining consumption, experiencing retail environments, being well-treated by sales
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In general, these shoppers shopped alone, made an unplanned purchase for themselves, spent more time and money than typical, and were store loyal.
Participants’ post-retail therapy experiences reflected feeling better right after a therapy shopping trip, not regretting their therapy shopping, and rationalizing it if they experienced regret. Overall, participants indicated their use of shopping as the rapy was effective and successful and had little or no negative consequences.
Shopping as a Form of Therapy
Although shopping is not the conventional type of therapy, it does have positive emotional effects on individuals, hence why shopping is so popular. Many times, shopping relieves stress and anxiety, which can be useful for several individuals.
Problems Caused by Retail Therapy
The bad mood leads to greater purchase and consumption of unplanned delights for t he self.
Retail therapy, however, has also been associated with shopping addiction and compulsive buying.Best Ways to keep spending under controlBudgeting and keeping your finances clean:
Track your spending and take control of where your money is going. Avoid credit card for shopping instead cash can be used.
Discussion and
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More than one-third of the adults surveyed said that shopping makes them feel better than indulging in pizza, eating sweets like ice cream or working out. Certain types of purchases make consumers feel better than others, though, the results show. Clothing,
Entertainment (i.e., books, movies, music), Travel, Tech/electronics, Furniture/home décor games and toys..
Recommendations for retailers
Retail therapy purchases are unplanned and impulsive. Consumers appreciate a wide range of products to choose from. The consumers perceive browsing and choosing to be very pleasurable activities. Hence retailers to setup an online presence with their entire product range, apart from their store.
‘Music’ comes out as the overwhelmingly powerful sub-factor in this case, followed by messages and fragrances. Hence, playing upbeat tracks helps attract those who indulge in retail therapy, by instantly making them feel better and at the same time uplifting the experience for the other customers.
‘Lighting’ and ‘Layout’ stand out as the most important sub-factors here. Store layouts that have a lot of free space and an uncluttered feel work well with customers prone to

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