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computer monitors are different from Tvs because
monitors are bit-mapped and Tvs are not
screen savors are
useful because the prevent burn-in, save energy, can be turned off with a key press or a mouse click
the display for a laptop is most likely a
the last cable you plug in should be the
power cable
RGB stands for
red, green blue
a combination of red light and green light produces a
the ____ is involved in every activity of the computer system
processor or microprocessor
a ____ saves a CRT monitor from a burn in when it is not in use
screen saver
there are ____ pixels in a typical laptop
1024 x 768
the ____ is the active point of the mouse pointer
tip of the arrow
____ is the proper term used when a computer performs the instructions in a program
execute or run
gleaning the central idea or concept from a situation is called
a WYSISYG text editor is called a
word processor
the formulation of an idea, concept, or process that can be applied in many situations is called a
experienced computer users are known as
what is GUI?
graphical user interface
Software designers use analogies to help a user understand software because doing so
makes it easier for user to learn and use software, makes software more popular
an example of a metaphor is:
1) the player played with the heart of a lion
2) the silence was deafening
3) the computer played chess as well as the best of humans
the player played with the heart of a lion
which of the following is not a common computer metaphor:
1) buttons 2) door handles
3) menus 4) sliders
door handles
a slider control is used for selecting
within a continuous range of options
in windows, closing a subwindow
leaves the application running
a dialog will open when a menu has a ___ in it
menu options that are unavailable
are grey
examples of an instance
an image, song file, word processing document
the greek letter epsilon can be used to represent "nothing". In a find and replace, you would have to use
nothing (empty)
software designers help users understand their software through the use of
_____ are used to indicate there is information available that is usually hidden
triangle pointers
open, new, close, and save can usually be found in the ___ menu
to avoid cluttering the screen with commands, software designers put most of their commands in
undo, cut, copy, and paste can be found in the __ menu
the online manual can usually be found in the __ menu
menus that can show up anywhere on the screen are called
pop-up menus
another name for a pull-down menu is a
drop-down menu
when the computer needs more information from the user before it completes an action, it gets the information via
dialogue box
the clover-shaped shortcut key on a macintosh is called the __ key
menus are grouped by similarity of operation and listed across the top of the screen in the
menu bar
spamming is like
telemarketing, junk mail, advertising inserts
if the internet consisted of four computers, there would be six possible connections. if 5 computers, 10 connections. how many with 10 computers?
45 connections
what is the potential number of IP address available
the part of an email address to the right of the @ is most like a
post office
DNS stands for
Domain Name System
the origins of the internet can be traced to
government, big businesses, educational institutions conducting Cold War research
between client requests from a specific IP address, a web server
might handle hundreds or even thousands of requests
root name servers
maintain the relationship between IP addresses and symbolic computer names
to connect to the internet with a wireless connection you'd need to communicate through a device that is physically connected to a network. this device is called a
eCommerce is the shortened term for
electronic commerce
the interconnection of computers has led to an era called the
information age
a communication that goes out to many people with a specific target audience is called a
a hierarchy of related computers on a network is called a
computers on the same level of a domain are known as
a "please reply" message sent over the internet is called a
a company that supplies connections to the internet is called a
Intranets connect to the internet via
local networks the support communications wholly within an organization are called
special computers that send files to web browsers elsewhere on the internet are known as
web servers
the http:// in a web address is the
files are often sent over the internet via a process known by the acronym
the source file for a web page contains the ____ of the page, not the actual image of the page
HTML stands for
Hyper Text Markup Language
a personal log posted on the web for public viewing is called a
all IP addresses are maintained and managed by 13 __ servers scattered around the world
root name
movie, email, web page, book, text messaging, web board, blog
asynchronous communication
chat session, video conference, concert,
synchronous communication
mice and key boards do not have power cords because
the power and the signal wires are in one cable
a typical monitor
has over a million pixels
how is the process for clicking a check box similar to clicking a button?
tip of arrow must be inside x,y coordinates that make up check box
user must click mouse button
the configuration of the check box must change from unchecked to checked or vice versa
the number of times a second that images on the screen are redrawn is called the
refresh rate
the process of starting a computer is called
A device that helps you remember a fact or concept is a ______.
On the computer, programs and information are stored on the ______.
hard disk
knowing the ____ is important to understanding technology and being understood when talking about it
the right word
a specified result sought through the use of a precise and systematic method is an