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What is defined as "the efficient attainment of objectives"? 5-1
What is defined as "all actions taken to retain material in a serviceable condition or to restore it to serviceability"? 5-1
OPNAVIST 3110.11 requires rework induction not later than how many days after the current PED when the ASPA evaluation determines that aircraft general material condition satisfies rework induction criteria? 5-16
OMA NALCOMIS Optimized squadrons shall have how many SA's attend the NALCOMIS OOMA System Administrator course? 5-1
If operating NTCSS Optimized OMA NALCOMIS, the SA/A shall retain copies of the weekly summary of NALCOMIS Baseline change reports for how long? 5-3
1 year
What is an operational evolution where the pilot/crew of an aircraft is changed while the engine is operating and the aircraft is to be immediately re-launched? 5-5
Hot seating
Completed FCF checklists shall be retained in the aircraft maintenance files for a minimum of how long or one phase cycle, whichever is greater?
6 months
What are required to determine whether the airframe, power plant, accessories, and equipment are functioning per predetermined standards while subjected to the intended operating environment? 5-5
Unless otherwise specified in aircraft MRC's, fuel samples shall be taken within how many hours preceding the aircraft's initial launch and shall not be valid for more than 24 hours? 5-4
24 hours
What is an operational evolution where an aircraft is refueled while the engine is operating? 5-5
Hot Refueling
The daily inspection is valid for a period of how long commencing from the date and time the inspection is completed, provided no flight occurs during this period and no maintenance other than servicing has been performed? 5-12
72 hours
What is a general inspection of a specific area of an aircraft? 5-13
Zonal Inspection
FCF checklists are published by what command whenever a checklist is required? 5-7
Who shall determine when an aircraft will be placed in preservation?
The purpose of what meeting is to prepare changes to the SCC, including TD compliances, any additional maintenance requirements, and to plan for the replacement of SRC items and other required material? 5-11
Pre-phase Inspection Planning
Pilots and crewmembers who perform FCF's shall be qualified per what instruction and the applicable aircraft NATOPS manual? 5-7
What instruction requires an ASPA evaluation between 6 months prior to and 3 months after PED of each ASPA aircraft to determine its general material condition relative to established induction criteria? 5-15A
OPNAVIST 3110.11
Who shall provide qualitative and quantitative analytical information to the MO allowing a continuous review of the management practices within the activity/department? 5-1
What post inspection is performed at the time a reporting custodian receives an aircraft from on-site standard and special rework?
As a general guideline no more than how many months should elapse between the ASPA inspection and the resulting adjusted PED? 5-15A
What inspections are special inspections based on calendar days and are authorized a plus or minus three days deviation during compliance by the prescribed maintenance level? 5-20
What form is used to record acceptance information, custody and transfer, rework, preservation and de-preservation, TDs and any other miscellaneous history required to accompany the SE throughout its service life? 5-19
OPNAV 4790/51
All activities in the Navy are assigned a what for determining priorities for material support based on their mission? 5-25
What is designed to protect the material condition of aircraft that are not expected to be flown for extended periods of time? 5-22
Aircraft preservation
What are assigned to identify requisitions and related documents applicable to specific projects or programs? 5-25
Project codes
How many days advance notice, via naval message, is required prior to sending an aircraft to the AMARC for storage?
What material is to be repaired at that level of maintenance that will ensure optimum economic use of resources consistent with assigned availability and readiness standards? 5-34
What, with few exceptions, is a manifestation of a logistic or maintenance support system failure? 5-29
Engines with major inspection intervals of how many hours or more will have major inspections performed if 25 percent or less of the interval remains until the next inspection? 5-18
The purpose of what is to provide scheduled control of the predictable maintenance workload, for example, inspections, transfer or receipt of aircraft, and compliance with TDs? 5-21
The purpose of what is to provide operating units with a sufficient number of safe, reliable, mission capable aircraft to perform their assigned missions? 5-21
Standard rework
All persons shall have in their possession what valid document for specific equipment being returned? 5-19
OPNAV 4790/102
What training is necessary to provide personnel assigned to assigned to AIMD Afloat/Ashore, FRC, or MALS with the managerial tools required to implement a process of ongoing improvement? 5-24
Who shall provide qualitative and quantitative analytical information to the MO allowing a continuous review of the management practices within the activity/department? 5-28
What report (OPNAV 4790/64) is used to record SE issue and receipt transactions?
Support Equipment Transaction
Instructions for using the material priority system and for assigning FADs are in what series?
All repairable SE components beyond IMA repair capability shall be preserved, packaged, documented, and shipped within what time frame? 5-32
24 hours
Unless otherwise indicated by the PMIC, a plus or minus percent of what amount of the engine inspection interval is allowed for scheduling purposes? 5-17
The repair of a gas turbine engine to a depth which includes replacement of compressor rotor or other repairs to the same depth, identified in the maintenance allocation table of the applicable MIM, is classifies as what type of unscheduled repair? 5-18
Maintenance of logs and records and CM ALS must be performed by what? 5-27
Production Control
What is a loose-leaf record that may be inserted in the aircraft logbook or may stand alone?
OPNAV 4790/29
What is a two page form that provides data tracking on assemblies? 5-111
OPNAV 4790/106A
Who shall maintain CM ALSs? 5-130
Physical custodian
What report is used to record the SERNO of installed items for inventory of the aircraft? 5-132
CM Life Limited Component II
What is designed to provide a current configuration and inspection record of ALSS components, kits, and assemblies? 5-98
OPNAV 4790/138
Aviation detachments not normally supported by NDCSCs shall forward all completed aviation 3M source documents, MAFs, and Naval Aircraft Flight Records (OPNAV 3710/4) to their parent command on what basis? 5-127
Data will be maintained at all times on the Conditional Inspection page for a minimum of how many years? 5-77
O-level activities maintaining helicopter dynamic components requiring an AESR are not required to log repetitive NDI inspections based on less than how many hour intervals? 5-77
What is responsible for the management and upkeep of the IN/OUT boxes in CM via inventory and Group Explorer? 5-134
Material Control
What is a two page form used to record maintenance history, installation, and usage data? 5-121
OPNAV 4790/28A
What's function is a general-purpose life usage and serialized configuration tracking system?
CM Module
What is used to maintain a current inventory of all equipment, components, and assemblies requiring an MSR, ASR, EHR or SRC card? 5-90
OPNAV 4790/27A
What activities will initiate, maintain and close out, CM ALS and records (as applicable)? 5-133
What is a four paged attached form that opens to make one record? 5-106
OPNAV 4790/135
What form is used to record significant information affecting the aircraft for which no other space is provided in the logbook? 5-85
OPNAV 4790/25A
What is a two page form that provides a method of monitoring specific maintenance data on designated aeronautical components and equipment that do not qualify for an SRC card? 5-116
OPNAV 4790/113
Refer to what for procedures for transferring records to the Washington National Records Center? 5-71
SECNAV M-5210.1
What provides guidance for shipping classified information to the Washington National Records Center? 5-71
When an aircraft has been procured for the DON under a DOD contract, and delivery is made to the DON at the contractor's plant, who is considered to be the original accepting activity? 5-68
Cognizant contract administrator
What administrator is responsible for screening and closing out the ALSs for aircraft, assemblies, components, and equipment identified for transfer? 5-134
When shortages are discovered upon receipt of an aircraft and are not properly recorded in the AIR, the receiving organization will itemize shortages and submit a list of such shortages, within how many working days after receipt of the aircraft, to the organization from which the aircraft was received? 5-54
What ensures all NTCSS IT21 Optimized OMA NALCOMIS equipment is in place, operational, and connectivity issues are addressed? 5-58
Combat Information Systems
What is the title of the overall program that provides the data required for the effective management of SE at all levels of aircraft maintenance? 5-49
Who is responsible for the overall management of the Material Control function? 5-39
Under stock funding, what funds allocated in support of the Flying Hour Program are used to finance the replenishment of BCM repairables? 5-35
What are used to communicate maintenance and supply instructions to various logistic support levels and using commands for the logistic support of systems, equipment, and end items? 5-43
SM&R codes
The Sectional Breakdown Diagram shall consist of a side elevation of each particular aircraft, drawn to an appropriate scale, but not less than how many inches in length? 5-55
The Naval Aeronautical Publications Index is made up of how many parts? 5-58
What manual provides functional procurement, receipt, expenditure, inventory and financial management procedures, and some policies for all MALS using the SUADPS/RT and NALCOMIS Phase II and beyond? 5-59
MCO P4400.177
When a new production aircraft is authorized for delivery with CFE/GFE shortages, who will ensure the Aircraft Inventory Record (shortages) ( OPNAV 4790/112) is prepared listing shortage items with estimated delivery dates? 5-54
What are contact points within maintenance organizations where requirements for indirect material are coordinated with the ASD? 5-38
Material Control centers
NAVAIR Publications dealing primarily with the operation and maintenance of aircraft and related equipment within the don are used by or under the direction of what? 5-58
When the replacement CRIPL item is received, turn-in of the old item must be made within what time frame? 5-41
24 hours
What is the cost of authorized items (gross adjusted obligations) used by the IMA to perform I-level maintenance? 5-44
Intermediate Maintenance
What shall be used to establish a formal, continuous chain of accountability for specific equipment and material installed on or designated for use on any aircraft of a specified T/M/S?
What term is used to define costs that have accumulated as a result of O-level and I-level maintenance performed on, or in support of aircraft? 5-43
Aviation Maintenance
What is the procedure required when Navy property and DLA material, including IMRL equipment/SE, in Navy custody is lost, damaged, or destroyed? 5-61
AIR shortages which persist for how many days before transfer, without proper authority/justificaion noted in Column D or E of the Aircraft Inventory Record (Shortages) (OPNAV 4790/112), will be forwarded to COMNAVAIRSYSCOM (AIR-6.6) for resolution? 5-54
What will contain instructions to assist pilots to obtain any material or services deemed necessary for the continuation of a flight? 5-48
Flight Packets
What is an essential element of aeronautical technical discipline that provide a history of maintenance, operation, and configuration of the aircraft/equipment, and control of maintenance schedules for life limited components and assemblies? 5-66
What Record provides CM ALS AESR equipment identification, monthly compilation of significant flight operational data, usage parameters, and accumulative usage data throughout the service life of the equipment? 5-146
Equipment Operation
What provides the Offices of the Secretary of Defense, the DON, and subordinate commands with comprehensive information on Navy and Marine Corps aircraft? 5-152
What is a subset of the aircraft SDLM specification which establishes inspection procedures to determine an individual aircraft's material condition prior to induction or to a 12 month deferral of SDLM? 5-152B
What CM ALS record provides a record of TDs affecting the airframe structure and its integral parts/ 5-141
What records are designed to provide a record of the current configuration of all personal survival equipment issued to the aircrewman? 5-148
Aircrew personal
How many categories in which to declare a strike and one category to report repairable damage are there, each of which involves a different administrative procedure? 5-152F
What records are treated as component inventory? 5-147
What is used on a Part II XRAY to report aircraft location change when embarking or debarking associated with extended deployments of 30 days or more? 5-152V
Action Code L
What is used to record maintenance history for repairable components not designated as life limited? 5-150
Tracked Component Record
Aircraft/Equipment CM ALS may be purged after how many years from the completed action/entry date from the last recorded flight? 5-151
Aircraft are stricken what category if eligibility for strike is due to completion of service life? 5-152H
Category 4
What are activities with an allowance for aircraft, an inventory of aircraft, or both? 5-152C
Reporting custodians
What is used for identification of components that are designated in the CM baseline as untracked? 5-151
Untracked Record
An aircraft will be stricken what category on authorization issued by the CNO (N88) Semiannual Aircraft Strike Authorization for administrative reasons not related to damage, depreciation or completion of service life? 5-152H
Category 4
Generally, all detailed reports required of reporting custodians and ACCs may be treated as what classification of material?
If an aircraft is lost (not recovered) or destroyed, the reporting custodian will immediately report the strike in what category via XRAY? 5-152G
Category 1
What CM ALS record provides a record of all repair, reconditioning, standard rework, conversion, modification, modernization, and ASPA inspection performed on the aircraft by a repair activity or on the equipment by an I-level or D-level activity? 5-140
What is the primary means of recording aircraft status changes, from acceptance into the inventory until final strike? 5-152
DON aircraft may not be stricken without the direct authorization of whom? 5-152F
A Part I XRAY is required when a reporting custodian moves from one location to another, for example, shore to ship, ship to shore, ship to ship, or one shore location to another for a period of how many days or more, reporting custodian location, operational status category, and fleet assigned code changes? 5-152U
The CNO (N88) will approve a list of aircraft strikes how often? 5-152F
What instruction establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for the planned removal/replacement at the O-level, I-level, or D-level of selected aeronautical components designated as life limited components, for example, ASR and SRC? 5-149
All outstanding XRAY corrections and other XRAY transactions occurring between 0001 and 2400 hours on a given day must be reported prior to what time the next working day? 5-153
Reporting custodians are required to report Aircraft Hours in Life every how often? 5-152V
What record is used to record maintenance history, installation, and usage data? 5-149
Life Limited Component