Reliability Centered Maintenance: Chapter Summary

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Reliability Centered Maintenance started when a preventative maintenance plan were developed for the Boeing 747 airplane in the 1960’s by the maintenance steering group. In the RCM process in maintenance not only ‘what can be done’ is considered but also ‘why should it be done’. To facilitate the RCM process seven questions should be asked to complete the process.
• What are the functions and performance standards of the asset in the operating environment?
• How does the asset fail to perform its intended function?
• What cause each functional failure?
• What happens to the process when each failure occurs?
• How does each failure affect the process and how does it matter?
• What can be done to predict and prevent each failure?
• What
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The last two steps are where the failure mechanism is established and the suitable maintenances task is identified and allocated to the relevant activity to perform effective maintenance (Tinga, 2013). If the five questions are answered correctly and with the desirable input from the relevant stakeholders it can be the answer to the research question at hand. The nature of the maintenance being conducted on the cold box make it difficult to flawlessly answer the five questions but the research will improve the quality of the answers and thereafter the improvement phase can take place.

2.7.2. The RCM principles
The RCM process consists of four principles which stipulate the characteristics of the process. Below are the four principles:
1. Maintaining the system function is the first step in the RCM process. This step requires that the desired system outputs need to be identified and ensure availability on all critical equipment in an organization.
2. Identification of the failure modes that can cause a functional failure. The information gathered in this step can be used to ensure that the operational and design parameters are correct. This will determine if the system need be modified or if a maintenance plan will be sufficient for the maintenance on the
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Cold box GO’s has a set allocated budget and the objective of the maintenance management team is to complete the project within five percent over and above the allocated budget. The reliability and cost effectiveness of assets is very important in any organization but the safety and the environmental impact of the organization are equally important. It is crucial for any organization to focus on all aspects of success and not only on selective key aspects (Ben-Daya, Duffuaa, Raouf, Knezevic, & Ait-Kadi,

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