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Bartlett, 1932

War of the Ghosts: schemas effect on memory

Branford and Johnson, 1972

No title, title before, title after: when do schemas exert their influence

Brown and Kulik, 1977

Assassinations of American personalities: Flashbulb memory

Craik and Lockhart, 1972

Structural/phonological/semantic: Levels of Processing

Huettel et al., 2006

The brain and gambling: Physiology of risky/ambiguous decisions

Lazarus, 1982 and 1991

Appraisal theory of emotion

Loftus and Palmer, 1974

Eyewitness testimony: schemas effect on the reliability of memory

Schachter and Singer, 1962

Adrenaline and emotion: Two-factor theory

Speisman et al., 1964

Video with circumcision: effect of appraisal on autonomic arousal

Wager et al., 2008

:Physiology of emotion regulation