The Role Of Schema In Cognitive Psychology

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Cognitive psychology is the study of your brain and your mental process. One of the mental processes that are staged in cognitive psychology is your memory. The theoretical basis of my study was schema. Schema in psychology describes a pattern of thought or behavior that organizes categories of information and the relationships among them. Schema however is also part of the cognitive part of psychology. A Schema ‘theory’ basically states that everything you know is organized into units. Schema is useful because they help us organize our thoughts when we have to many our when we can’t think straight or focus because our mind is all cluttered. Schema is both the organizing knowledge and the process of remembering it. When you encounter new …show more content…
If wording on questions are changed than that could have an manipulating effect on memory (effect answer). Participants were shown 7 clips of car crashes, and afterwards were given questionnaires. Some participants were given different questions with a different verb to see if wording would have an effect on the speed estimate. Findings showed that the speed estimate was influenced by the wording. This study supports Bartlett studies that memory is reconstructive and the idea that people usually report back is inaccurate information about events.

The replicated study is Anderson and Pichert ‘Schema Theory’(1978). This study is being conducted to see if memory of Rufus king high school students can be affected. It see if the same study can apply for junior of an in school. The aim of This experiment was to investigate if schema processing influences encoding and retrieval from a story describing a house and depending on the role participants received. The hypothesis is If participants are given two different roles (burglar or homebuyer) then they will be able to recall more information about the items/objects in the house, like a homebuyer a burglar would. If Rufus king high school students are exposed to different stories when

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