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excess gas in the Intestional tract.
Is in food that stimulates benifical flora of the large intestines.
Products containing microorganisms manufactured and sold as food products and supplements.
Products that contain both pre and probiotics
A fructooligasscchide
Soluable fibre
Can help lower fat in your blood
Insoulble fibre
Helps with Constipation.
Saluable foods
- oats
-dried peas
-dried beans
Insoulble fibre
-brown rice
-raw veg
-whole grain
Refers to the malabsorption of fat,
carbohydrate or protein as a result of
maldigestion or from damage to the
anatomy and physiology of the small
Celiac Disease
inflammation of the small intestine caused by gluten found in various grains, including wheat..
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

a bowel disorder characterized by abdominal pain with diarrhea and/or constipation.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Guided by symptoms
-Antidiarrheal agents
- Tricyclic antidepressants
- Bulking agents, laxatives
- Behavioral therapies
Diverticular Disease
Diverticulum: a small tubular sac that
protrudes from a main canal or cavity in
the body
 Occurs more often in older adults
 Progressive high pressure in colon causes
no problems unless diverticulum becomes
infected and inflamed
Two typs diverticular disease?
 Clinical manifestations
-osis – asymptomatic
-itis - fever, abdominal pain, GI bleeding,
Diverticular Disease
Treatment/ Nutrition Therapy
Specific focus on fiber
-Pro- and prebiotic supplementation
-Acute – NPO with bowel rest
- Antibiotics
- Surgical resection
Divieticular diseases treatment for osis and ititis
-osis - high-fiber diet + 6-10 grams
-void nuts, seeds, hulls.
-itis – low-fiber diet
-bowel rest, clear liquids
-void nuts, seeds, fibrous vegetables
Crohn’s disease
a chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that can affect the entire gastrointestinal tract but most commonly affects the ileum and colon.
a decrease in frequency of bowel movements with straining with defecation and/or hard stools.
bacterial overgrowth syndrome
malabsorption and malnutrition that result from cross contamination of bacteria from the colon to the small intestine.
low-residue diet
a diet low in fiber and other food constituents that may contribute to bulk in the large intestine.
excess fat in the stool (> 6 g/24 hrs).
What are 4 gass produing foods?
Crohn's diseas
is a reccurrent inflammatory diseas of the intestional tract.
Causes of Crohn's
No know cause
Treatment for Crohn's
Med;s or surgical treatment.
-cartisone steriods
-immune system surpressor